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The hope. Short stories for children with a happy ending

The hope. Short stories for children with a happy ending

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Many parents seek short stories for kids that they end in a beautiful way. And there is no better reward for a difficult day, both for parents and children, than going to bed with a smile on your face. In our selection of short stories with a happy ending, We bring you "Hope", a story full of emotions and values ​​that you will enjoy as a family.

This children's story is ideal for talking to your children about values ​​as important as the Solidarity. So we have made a small compilation with other stories that talk about the need to help those who need it.

The sun disappeared completely from the sky. It started to rain so hard, so hard it rained, whate water flooded and completely destroyed the Earth.

A thunderous noise was heard and animals, people and all kinds of belongings appeared in a few minutes floating through the water, causing a real chaos to reign on the land.

But there was something that survived so much misfortune and calamity: the hope.

Hope was the only one that did not allow itself to be overcome by desolation, and began to look for a way to get out of there alive.

He told people to hold onto planks and tree branches and yelled at them, encouraging them, so that they could draw out the strength they no longer had.

- Here, come here! - motivated and indicated taking them to the safest places.

In the midst of sadness and desolation, hope called for solidarity, who cared for lost children, elderly and helpless animals.

Later, experience appeared And, as it was not the first time that he had experienced something so hard, he knew how to tell everyone what they should do, and where they should go to get to safety.

Little by little, solidarity and experience were defeating chaos and desolation, and although everyone was very sad, they managed to glimpse a ray of sunshine thanks to hope.

- What happened to the Earth, the people and their belongings?

- Who had survived and started helping people?

- What friends did you count on to save people?

- How did people save themselves from chaos?

- What have you learned from this story?

Use children's stories as a resource to educate your children in values. These stories designed for children will help you explain abstract concepts that tend to be harder to understand, such as solidarity or hope. Below you will find a small selection with some stories about values.

1. The horse and the donkey
This fable starring a horse and an ass talks about the help we give to other people when they ask us for help in an honest way. The donkey, tired of carrying a heavy load, asked the horse to take part of the bundle, but the horse ignored him. After a while, the poor donkey fell exhausted from fatigue and the horse had to take on all the packages they were carrying.

2. The little frog and the moon
Helping someone, especially when it comes to fulfilling one of their dreams, is a very satisfying feeling. That is what this story is about, in which the protagonist is a little toad who wants to meet the moon, but needs the help of other animals to reach it.

3. The trapped mouse
Cats love to hunt mice, however, this story tells of a feline who decides to save a mouse from fire, despite being its enemy. And it is important to help others when they need it and to be in solidarity with those around us.

4. It's cold
Winter can be very harsh in the forest and animals need to help each other so that no one suffers during hibernation. That is what this children's story is about, which will teach your child to reach out to all who need it.

In addition to these stories, you cannot forget that poetry is also a fabulous tool to talk about values ​​with children. Enjoy all the poems about solidarity that we have compiled in

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