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The butterfly and the death of the goldfinch. Children's tale about death

The butterfly and the death of the goldfinch. Children's tale about death

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Talking about death with children can be a touchy subject. As parents, we don't usually feel very comfortable talking about the loss of a loved one, and many children have a hard time understanding what happens when someone dies. Many times, we ourselves do not understand the loss ... we are committed to stories as an educational tool with which children can better understand the world around them.

Therefore, here you can read "The butterfly and the death of the goldfinch", a childish story starring forest animals that talks about death. After the story, you will find some tips that will help you direct the questions your child is likely to ask you after reading the story.

The butterfly was very sad. Her goldfinch friend had not visited her for a few days and I was missing him so much. Where is he? He wondered aloud.

A passing rabbit asked him:

- Of whom you speak?

- From my friend the goldfinch - he answered with a grimace - he hasn't come to visit me for days and I'm very surprised.

The rabbit's heart skipped a beat. The night before he had heard an owl say that they had found the goldfinch dead.

- Perhaps he has gone on a trip - it occurred to him to say at the time.

The rabbit said goodbye to the butterfly, and immediately went into the forest to tell the other animals what was happening.

Evryone spoke at the same time.

- If we tell him it will break his heart - said some.

- If we do not tell him he will be waiting for the goldfinch every day and he will not understand why he has left - others said.

- In any case, you will feel very sad - said the rest of them sadly.

Two days passed and the forest animals still did not dare to tell the butterfly that the goldfinch had died.

Meanwhile, she kept asking everyone about their friend.

- Have you seen my goldfinch friend? - He asked a roe deer.

- No; I have not seen - he answered lowering his head, quickly moving away from there.

- Have you seen my goldfinch friend? - He then asked the hare.

- No; I have not seen it - he answered, and with a jump he disappeared immediately, fearing that the butterfly would keep asking.

At dawn on the third day the butterfly was stretching itself and it heard two hummingbirds talking as they passed by.

- It was a shame what happened to the goldfinch ... What bad luck to get entangled in that fence!

- The goldfinch? What happened to my goldfinch friend? - She asked very alarmed.

- You have not heard? Everyone in the forest knows it - they told him. He died the other night when he hit a chain link fence.

- What? - He shouted in disbelief.

- How is it possible that no one has told me anything ?! - said the butterfly-. He had asked everyone in the forest.

Upon learning of the death of his friend and that he had been deceived by all the animals, the butterfly felt such a piercing pang in her little heart who was about to die in that instant.

Everyone in the forest knew that by hiding the death of the goldfinch from the butterfly, all they had achieved was cause you more pain.

Little by little, as time went by, the sad butterfly managed to take flight; but he never understood why everyone had kept his friend's death from him.

This story is likely to make your child reflect on death. Why did they hide the death from the butterfly? Why has the goldfinch died? What happens when you die? You must be prepared to answer all the doubts that the child may have. When answering you, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Never lie to your childrendo not try to hide from them that death exists. It should not be considered as something gloomy to fear, because in such a case children could develop fear. However, you must explain what death is and what it means.

2. When explaining death to your children, you must take into account their age. For example, you should bear in mind that when children are very young, they cannot understand the concept of 'forever'.

3. Use a calm tone, simple language, and respond in an honest way. If, due to a recent death, you feel the need to explain how you feel, do not hesitate to tell them about your emotions, always bearing in mind that they are children.

4. Answer all the questions they have. Never tell them that 'you'll understand when you grow up'.

Although it is a somewhat uncomfortable topic of conversation, talking about death with children is necessary. It is a concept that will be present in your life in one way or another (due to the death of a relative, in the movies, on the news ...). After all, the death is part of life and, therefore, it will be useless to hide their existence from them, as the forest animals did with the butterfly.

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