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Candlemas Day, February 2. Candela's name for girls

Candlemas Day, February 2. Candela's name for girls

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Candela is a Latin name. It comes from a candle, and means 'candle', 'light'. It is a name that comes in turn from Candelaria, a moment in the life of Jesus Christ recorded in the Scriptures.

Candela celebrates her saint precisely on the day of the Virgen de la Candelaria, on February 2. In many places, this day is a great day of celebrations and parties.

The girls named Candela or Candelaria are sincere, determined and have a lot of self-confidence. This makes others trust them. They radiate confidence and serenity. In fact, his name, of Latin origin, means 'the one who illuminates', since it refers to 'candle or candle'.

They are very sociable girls, who love to play outdoors and in groups. They make friends easily, because they are outgoing and friendly, if a bit stubborn. They love to feel the center of attention, have everyone notice them and listen to their opinions. However, they are affectionate and understanding.

As variants of the name Candela, we have Cande, Candelaria, Candeloria and Kandela.

La Candelaria or Our Lady of Purification refers to a biblical moment: just when the Virgin Mary takes her son Jesus to the Temple to introduce him to the priests. It's time too of the Purification of Mary. The biblical text says: 'Fulfilling what was commanded by the Mosaic law, forty days after his birth, Jesus was presented in the Temple, at the same time that his mother performed the ceremony of his purification.'

In many places in Spain and Latin America, La Candelaria or Our Lady of Purification Day is celebrated with candlelight processions and typical foods. It is also the day of all the girls called Purification.

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