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9 names composed with Santiago for boys that you will have a hard time choosing

9 names composed with Santiago for boys that you will have a hard time choosing

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Why stick with one when we can choose two? This question is today in our motto, hence we have decided to help you with this small compilation of compound names with Santiago.

And is that the range of names for children is so wide that staying only with one is not enough. Classic, traditional, geek, spiritual names, inspired by nature or ancestral cultures ... the offer is so great that we can feel overwhelmed by the situation and even not agree between parents. Even sometimes it is more an act of discarding than of choosing.

Choosing our baby's name is an important decision, as it will define and accompany our little one for the rest of his life. Quite a responsibility, don't you think? Therefore, it should not be taken lightly.

Not so long ago, having a compound name was very normal, mainly for religious reasons or to please families and continue the tradition that the little one honors his grandparents or parents. Quite an emotional gesture! Now, it responds more to a personal desire. And it is that, this custom that had been in disuse for a few years, is becoming fashionable again among newborns. Do you dare to retrieve compound names and start trending?

Today we want Santiago and his possible combinations to be our protagonists.It has no variants in other languages, so this nickname becomes universal, ideal for a baby in an increasingly interconnected world. Its name has gone through many stages until its current pronunciation. In it you will find Hebrew, Greek and Latin roots. Although it is of Hebrew origin in its transcription, its origin is common with other names such as Jacob, Jaime, Yago, Diego and Thiago, derived from Latin, but adapted from Greek. Without a doubt, a sum of cultures that will enhance your little one.

Santiago means "the one who changes" and refers to the one who is willing to learn, to evolve with movement. But there is still more. And it is that the weight of History is also present, especially if we go to the Catholic religion. With Santiago we find ourselves before one of the most important figures in the Bible, as he was one of the first disciples of Jesus and he was the one he trusted the most. Thus, July 25 is the day we celebrate the saint of Santiago Apóstol.

Below we propose nine ideal combinations for Santiago that will be a success for your baby. Which is your favorite?

1. Santiago Ezequiel
Its origin is Hebrew and is interpreted as "he who is strengthened by God" or "he who God is his strength." Seeing its meaning, we are not surprised that there are several characters in the Bible named Ezekiel.

2. Santiago Martín
This nickname means "the man consecrated with the God Mars." For this reason, Martín leads us to talk about warriors, strength and honor, thanks to its Latin etymology. Did you know that its saints are celebrated on November 2?

3. Santiago Juan
With a strong religious burden, John refers to "the man who is faithful to God", under the gaze of responsibility and fidelity. Its origin is Hebrew. Juan is a very common name around the world, as, as you can see, it is loaded with tradition and meaning.

4. Santiago Ignacio
The roots of Ignacio's name are Latin. It comes from the combination of ‘ignis’ (“fire”) and ‘natus’ (“born”), which is why it translates as “one who is born from fire”.

5. Santiago Alejandro
Greek is the origin of this name, which combines two meanings. On the one hand, "protect" and, on the other, "man". Therefore, we are before the "protector of men." Being a name with so many letters, it is often shortened to Ale or Alex.

6. Santiago Andrés
The origin of Andrés's name is Greek, from the classical world, and refers to “a brave, strong and virile man”. Many parents choose this name for their little babies because it is resounding and conveys a lot of strength.

7. Santiago Azael
Azael, which can also be found written as Hazael, is a Hebrew denominative that comes from the words ‘aza’, which translates to “force” and from ‘the’, which means “God”. Its sum: "strength of God."

8. Santiago Jair
The roots of Jair are Hebrew and means "enlightened by God" or "the enlightened one." Without a doubt, we are talking about a name with a lot of light. Can you imagine your son with this name?

9. Santiago Jesus
With many religious connotations because it is the son of God, it is literally translated as "the savior." Jesus comes from Aramaic. The saints are celebrated on December 25, Christmas Day.

Did you like these names composed with Santiago? If you're still a bit hesitant, try our guide to names for boys that contains many more ideas based on the meaning of the name.

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