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9 things parents can learn every day from children

9 things parents can learn every day from children

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Sometimes I have heard how an adult complained about his responsibilities and obligations as such and how he would like to be a child again ... I do not know if it will be your case, but ... I invite you to relive that experience through the eyes of your [email protected]: what things can your child teach you to adapt them to your adult life? I have made a mini list with the 9 things parents learn every day from kids, and I have done it thanks to my son Damián, who has taught me so much.

Would you like to be a child again? Would you like to feel for a day what your [email protected] experiences as a child? Would you like to remember your childhood again? Do you empathize with the emotions of your [email protected]? Do you know how to put yourself in their place?

I love when my son uses assertiveness to say what he feels and wants. I love when he says NO, without hurting others. Much to learn from them !! Can you imagine doing this with your boss? With your mother? With your partner? Or simply, recognizing it in you.

Children are specialists in accepting criticism, asking for forgiveness, acknowledging mistakes, and taking responsibility for what they have done. What is it cool? Children are also full of motivation and eager to discover new things, for them the world is full of amazing things! Follow their lead, don't be afraid to explore and look at things as if they were the first time you've seen them. What else can we parents learn every day from children? Me...

1. I learn to be patient, to not wanting things anymore, to enjoy everything he did and to live it with intensity. Children are great teachers for that! You just have to watch how they play ...

2. I learn every day to pursue my dreams and make them come true. Do you remember when your [email protected] learned to walk? He would fall and you would put him back on his feet, learning from perseverance and determination to keep going. Keep applying it to your life now. If you fall, stand up!

3. I learn not to give so much importance to the image, to be more for what I do and less for whether I wear the right pants or shirt ... I learn that the best clothes are to look into their eyes and pay attention to their words and their laughter. Don't worry if you make a fool of yourself.

4. I learn from freedom, to feel and say at all times what comes to mind: without filters, without fear, without detours ... And if not, ask your son for a kiss when he is super concentrated on his game or studies, and you will see what he tells you ...

5. I learn not to believe at once things that do not allow me to progress or evolve and that limit me. Try telling your child that he can't get something, how does he react? We are surprised by your determination to achieve things, so try to be more flexible and adaptable with yourself, because remember that your barriers are in your mind!

6. I learn to be more daring, to take action! Not to think so much about what others will say, but to think about what I am going to say to myself and, above all, about what I am going to tell my son. Stop preconceiving ideas and forget prejudices. Don't you realize that you are [email protected] of opportunities?

7. I learn to excite you, to be passionate and to feel my heart more alive than ever. Our children are specialists in this… they are pure emotion! Please let go of your protective emotional shield and say "I love you" whenever you can. Recognize your vulnerability, this is really brave !, and put your heart into what you do.

8. I learn to enjoy nature, beauty or minimal things, because our children find distraction and pay attention in simplicity. And this makes them be creative and innovative!

9. I learn to give my best and try to achieve excellence, whatever I do! Extracurricular activities that arouse passions and draw potential from them, which otherwise would not come out. Find your activity !!

The end is near and I want to remind you that children, if they don't know something, they ask it, and if they need help, they ask for it. This is a great learning that we must bear in mind, because we do not have super powers. And of course, rest when you need it. If your [email protected] gets tired, I'm sure they are looking for a lap to replenish their energy.

Finally, the best we can learn from them is to be happy and to be excited about each thing or action that we are going to carry out. Try to reflect yourself in the brightness of your [email protected] so that you feel like him. Life is easier than we think if we look at it as a child

If you can, that was the point of this article! Congratulations!! Now, learn to celebrate it !!!

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