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Errors that parents make to get the affection of children

Errors that parents make to get the affection of children

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Who has never felt fear in life? Fears change and evolve throughout our lives; This is how we went from being afraid of clowns when we were children to being afraid of not being a good mother or father when we found out that pregnant. Sound like you, right?

And that fear makes, sometimes, parents make mistakes to get the love of children, because in the career of fatherhood and motherhood who most and who least wants to get honors.

Parents seek and demand the affection of our children in a very special way, sometimes even, in such a way that we stop doing things to please others, without taking into account that we also need affection and love.

In the following list, you will find behaviors and behaviors that, as parents, we are capable of doing in order to feel the acceptance or recognition of ours, because fundamentally, do not fool yourself, we seek to feel loved by our children. Actions and mistakes that the only thing they can do is harm you, but most importantly, the education of children.

1. Stop buying her love with expensive gifts.

2. Stop preparing her favorite food so that I pay attention to you.

3. Stop doing housework so that they can say, "what a good mother or father I am."

4. Stop being [email protected] or stop pleasing to receive affection in return.

5. Stop making it all easy to avoid conflicts.

6. Stop being polite and repress feelings for not hurting others.

7. Stop accepting everything not to argue.

8. Stop coordinating and organize in order to have the feeling of "control."

9. Stop helping them to make you essential to them.

10. Stop doing things they want, and you do not. So you don't respect yourself.

11. Stop showing them admiration By the fact that they think you are, special.

12. Stop being sweet like a girl with the sole objective of being protected.

13. Stop solving problems, so that they believe that you are the super mom or the super dad.

14. Stop being the protagonist, to take the lead and that way they feel safe.

15. Stop seeking attention through the lack of a good diet.

16. Stop taking care of them so that you feel useful.

17. Stop cooking them, washing their clothes or caring for them; all clear if what you are looking for is to be considered a good mother.

18. Stop making decisions for others. Why do you do it? To feel essential?

19. Stop settling without the emotions that fill you, Express what you need!

20. Stop agreeing with them to avoid expressing what they don't want to hear.

21. Stop getting along with all the moms at school, so that your children are invited to all birthdays.

22. Stop bragging about your children, your exploits and good behaviors to make them think you are the perfect mother or father.

23. Stop doing your homework with the excuse of avoiding fatigue and effort.

24. Stop solving their problems, because you may only do it to feel proud of the mother or father that you are.

25. Stop making them all the whims.

26. Stop protecting unnecessarily, believing that you are better that way.

27. Stop making life easier for them so that your life has meaning.

28. Stop living the life of your [email protected] He has his, and you have yours!

29. Stop not loving them out of fear to show your emotions.

30. Stop loving with fear.

31. Stop loving half.

I hope you do not have many things to stop doing, because that is what you are doing a role of father or mother from love, first for you and then for your children. But if this article helps you to become aware of things you do, to feel loved or loved and not for the simple fact of doing them from the heart, it will have been worth writing it.

Now, all you have to do is take action to balance these guidelines and stop doing things for others. Remember that we are the role model for our children, and if you do not respect yourself, they will not learn to respect, if you do not give yourself the love you ask for, they will not learn to love each other either.

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