This is all the good things that happen when kids read comics

This is all the good things that happen when kids read comics

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There is a very faithful and enriching friend that many children have not yet gotten to know: reading. Normally, we associate the action of reading only with books, but there are other options that we can also consider for children and that, sometimes, can be even more attractive. Has your child tried reading comics? When children read comics they traveljust by turning the page, they practice their language skills, improve their attention span ...

Why, then, do we relegate comics to the background? It is only about changing the "Once upon a time ..." for onomatopoeia; dialogues by speech bubbles or clouds; the paragraphs by the text boxes ... Sounds tempting, right? Surely for your son too.

Children can read comics from any age; you just have to find the right book for your age. When we expose children to more complex comics than they can cover, there is a risk that they will turn away from them, because they do not understand them. Therefore, so that the little ones can take advantage of all the benefits of comics, we must look for those adapted to their age.

1. Comics encourage the habit of reading
Many children find it difficult to pick up a book and start reading, because they have not managed to create a reading habit. However, they are much more tempted to indulge in comic strips. By having less text and more pictures, they consider them more attractive than books and, therefore, it can be a good way to introduce them to the world of literature. After trying the comics they will be more willing to give the books a try. And little by little ... they will love to read!

2. Allow them to have fun alone
In comics, especially those for younger children, they explain the story through images, with almost no need for text. That is why the little ones in the house can have a great time by themselves watching the vignettes, following the plot through the drawings. Comics allow children to have a fun time to themselves, which shows them that they can do little things on their own.

3. They teach a new language to children
Comics not only allow children to practice oral and written language, but will also help them learn the language of symbols. Comics will teach your child to understand that when a lightbulb appears above a character's head, it means that they have had an idea or, if snakes come out of someone's mouth, they are cursing.

4. They encourage creativity
The more your child reads, the more creative they will be. The comics stimulate the imagination of the little ones by making them see that, if they want, they can have breakfast on the Moon, lunch in the jungle and dinner at the North Pole without even leaving their room.

5. They will teach them values
Look for comics written for children that have stories they can learn from. As with children's stories, comics contain very valuable lessons for the education of your children. Some of these stories talk about solidarity, self-confidence, overcoming fears ... When reading them, children internalize them and use them in their day to day: at school, with their siblings, with friends ...

6. Teach vocabulary and spelling
Comics can also be an excellent tool for children to improve their language skills, learn new words that they will gradually incorporate into their vocabulary, and memorize how the words they read are written, which will help their spelling.

7. Improve concentration
Not all children have the same ability to concentrate and, in fact, it is something that improves over the years and with practice. Reading comics will help them improve their ability to attend.

8. Allow them to practice reading comprehension
Reading comprehension is a very important skill during study. When children don't understand what they read, they can't understand the lesson. Reading comics will also help them to understand the reading because, if they do not understand what has happened in the previous vignette, they will not know how to read the next one.

9. They will give your child a great time
When your child discovers how much fun he can have with a comic in his hands, he won't want to stop reading! The cartoons propose very funny stories for children that will make them learn, but also have fun.

Has your child not yet experienced what it feels like to read comics? In we have some stories with pictures that will excite the little ones.

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