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What to do if the child has depression

What to do if the child has depression

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If your child is sad and is not able to overcome it, you should consult a specialist. If you are diagnosed with childhood depression, you will need the treatment of a psychologist. But you can help too. We offer you some tips so that you can help him overcome this disease.

Here are some tips to help your child to overcome depression:

Don't ignore the symptoms of depression. Pay more attention to your child than usual. Play with him and it will be easier for you to talk about his problems. Read children's books on related topics. Draw, paint, build a puzzle with and son and dedicate a special and unique moment in order to create a closer and more trusting environment.

Ask him questions and pay attention to his self-esteem. A child of primary school age may say 'I'm stupid'. It is not simply about supporting them by saying that they are not, ask why they think they are, if something happened at school, etc. The important thing is to find out what the child thinks. The child needs attention and interest from his parents to raise his self-esteem.

Establish and maintain routines. The child needs to feel supported by discipline. They feel collaborators and participants when a schedule is established for each activity. The 'limits' are asked by them. For example: there is nothing warmer and more affectionate than reading a bedtime story, and finding yourself well tucked in your bed.

In this way, you are telling the child that the problems are not their fault, that everything continues as before and that he is important to you.

Avoid stressing the child. The child's daily schedule of activities needs to be reevaluated. Ask yourself if your child is doing too much or you are overloading him with extracurricular activities. The child may feel tired and stressed.

Reassure the child. Being aware of the type of food that he likes the most, if he sleeps through the night, if he needs new activities and routines can comfort the child and make life more pleasant.

Seek medical treatment. In the event that your child begins to withdraw, misbehave, or make negative comments about himself, you will need to trust your instincts and ask for a professional diagnosis. Seek help and psychological support. Early diagnosis and treatment of depression are essential for the proper development and growth of children. The first step is to discuss the case with your pediatrician.

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