The video showing the stress level of teachers in the classrooms

The video showing the stress level of teachers in the classrooms

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Many times we parents envy teachers due to the working conditions that they have: their day ends around 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon (supposedly), they have three months of summer vacation plus days off throughout the course, a good salary ...

Nearly perfect job, right? We tell you the story of a British teacher to show you the stress level of teachers in classrooms. After watching the video and hearing this testimonial, you may change your opinion about the teachers.

"I wanted to crash my car into a tree so as not to go back to the classroom." Thus begins the testimony of this British teacher who did not want to reveal her identity, but did want to record what the day-to-day life of many teachers is like today. "We must make society aware of the stress level of teachers in the classroom," he says.

For this woman who lives in Hampshire County, being a teacher is a bundle of many jobs: social worker, actor, diplomat, conciliator, data processor ... all rolled into one!

Behind him, more than 20 years teaching and, in this time, many fronts to turn off. "Correct exams, meet objectives, prepare classes ...", he says. Some functions that began to cause sleepless nights for several decades, always thinking about what would happen the next day ...

The meetings of the faculty, the classes that had to be given, the complaints of the parents ... This is how this teacher's day passed. "My head could not stop thinking for a moment and I felt that I was always behind with everything," he confesses.

All this pressure took a toll on this woman. Her self-confidence plummeted to such an extent that she was unable to speak in public and, worse still, to be with more people, to relate. "I had panic attacks and trouble breathing! I had a severe mental breakdown that took me off for six months."

Ever since all this broke out, this British professor has been taking antidepressants and has not yet come out of this situation today. "There was a day when I just wanted to push the car against a wall. I felt sunk. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell anyone, I couldn't share it with anyone. I was ashamed."

Many teachers find themselves in the same situation as this British woman. According to the Educational Support Association (London) charity, more than two-thirds of UK teachers say their work has negatively affected their mental health.

And it is not something that happens only in the country of tea, it also occurs in schools in the rest of the world. Teachers have more and more workloads. Many of them work 12 hours a day, and this has a very high cost and a great impact on their physical and mental health.

Many teachers defend that there is a very wrong conception of what their work is and, therefore, testimonies like this make parents, students and the whole society in general have to reflect on it.

Depression, anxiety or insomnia are some of the most common illnesses among teachers, a consequence of stress level they have to endure in classrooms. It is everyone's job to take care of the teachers, because they are part of the education of our children.

The scarcity of material and human resources, the low motivation of the students or the minimal collaboration of the parents are some of the reasons that make many teachers suffer from stress and anxiety. What steps to take to reduce this feeling?

- Improve communication between parents and teachers
The education of the child depends on the parents, but teachers play a very important role, and it is that we must not forget that our children spend many hours in schools. Maintaining a good relationship and a good harmony between both parties will benefit everyone.

- Encourage the relationship between teachers
Many times the hectic pace of day to day leads many teachers to almost not being able to exchange opinions or points of view with their peers. Talking to other professional colleagues can help you find a faster and easier solution to a problem.

- Introduce new methodologies
Repeat, repeat and repeat. The routine can become one of the great enemies of teachers. To do this, there is nothing like trying to introduce new and innovative methodologies that motivate both students and teachers into the classroom. Do you know the green pen technique?

- Encourage continuous training
The teaching profession does not end when one finishes the degree and has the place. It is necessary and important for the person to continue training to be updated at all times and, perhaps, discover new ways of teaching a subject.

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