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Get pregnant in January. Everything you need to know about your pregnancy

Get pregnant in January. Everything you need to know about your pregnancy

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Do you want to know a secret? There is no perfect time to get pregnant. You do not believe it? Think about it a bit. Your professional career, stability with your partner, the desire to move to a bigger house, travel, doubts ... And endless more options that cross your mind when you think about having a baby. The same happens if you start planning by looking at the calendar when to conceive: cold, heat, vacations ... And other routines that occur throughout the year.

Therefore, dear future mother, get pregnant in january it is as beautiful and exciting as conceiving at any other time of the year. For this reason, we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about your pregnancy: how will it go quarter by quarter, what does it mean that the approximate delivery date is October ... Shall we start?

Using the conception and fertile days calculators Getting pregnant will be easier for you. Let's see this with approximate dates ... You know that it is not the same to stay in state on the first day of January than the last, but there will be a series of common characteristics ... here you have them!

- The first trimester of pregnancy will be from January to March
If you got pregnant in January, it means that the first trimester would end in March, which is good news because you are facing good weather. Yes, you are going to be pregnant in the middle of winter, but at first the belly does not grow much, so you are going to avoid buying a special maternity coat. There may be many days of rain, you just have to take it easy and think about the good things you are going to experience. By the way, watch out for colds!

- The second quarter will go from April to June
The nausea typical of the first days of pregnancy are being left behind ... The sunny days and afternoons can be seen, as well as an incipient belly that grows little by little. During this trimester, it is common to have certain discomforts, such as constipation. Remember to watch your diet and drink water! You will have more desire to urinate ... but avoid holding the urge.

Although it may not seem like it, it's all good news, or at least that's how you have to see it. Have all the clothes you need ready to be comfortable and feel good during this second trimester of pregnancy.

- Third and last trimester of pregnancy, from July to September
It may be the heaviest trimester of pregnancy for you. Your belly grows bigger and bigger, your movements slow down and the heat threatens to keep you from sleeping day or night. Try to see it from another point of view, you can wear light clothing, the pool and the sea water are a perfect option to cool off and, if you have trouble sleeping at night, maybe taking a walk through the streets will help you fall asleep. from the city next to your partner.

Remember to apply quality sunscreen to protect your skin, drink plenty of water, do not go outside when the sun is hotter and remember to also apply moisturizer every night, you know that extreme temperatures of cold or heat favor the appearance of stretch marks.

As we told you before, if your pregnancy started in January, your little one will most likely be born in October. In any case, if you want to calculate in a somewhat more precise way when your child is going to be born, from the date of conception, you can use our calculator for the date of delivery.

What does it mean to give birth? Well, at last you are going to see his face, you are going to take him in your arms and you are going to give him all the love that you have within you. And that October will become your favorite month of the year because it has brought you your baby!

The weather will still be with you since the autumn weather is perfect for a walk before it gets too cold. Think about spend the winter with a newborn It may sound discouraging, so our advice is to take it easy, lean on your loved ones and enjoy every moment that you are going to live with your baby.

It goes without saying that the first Christmas with your child will be the most emotional for the whole family!

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