Gestures to avoid when traveling with children in the car and behind the wheel

Gestures to avoid when traveling with children in the car and behind the wheel

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When you travel with children in the car And, in addition, you go behind the wheel, you expose yourself to a large number of distractions, and it is that the little ones can suddenly burst into tears, fight among themselves, scream unexpectedly, lose the pacifier or drop their favorite toy. These situations sound familiar to you, right?

These are moments that, many times, you cannot control, but there are others that are in your hand and that you should avoid when you travel with children in the car. What gestures are we referring to?

We must teach children to behave well when they get into the car, but, as parents, we also have to control our actions behind the wheel in front of them. Think that you are setting an example and that one day they too will take the seat in front of the driver.

1. keep calm
Whatever happens, don't lose your temper inside the vehicle. Try that the children are calm and there is harmony between them. Don't argue, don't shout! The best thing is that you tell them that in the car they should be relaxed, without arguing and without shouting, because they can scare you, interfere with driving and have an accident.

2. The seat belt, always!
This is the first thing you should do when you get into the car: put on your seatbelt and make sure your children are properly tied up with the appropriate child restraints for their age. Safety first!

3. GPS in place
Remember that you should not touch the GPS while driving. Always enter the destination address before starting the trip and with the vehicle stationary. A silly gesture that makes you lose sight of the road and that can cause you misfortune.

4. Ditch the toys
If the children are crying because their pacifier or one of their stuffed animals has fallen, do not pick them up again. With this 'innocent' gesture, you will be risking your life and that of your children.

5. Phone out
Do not use the mobile unless you have an approved hands-free system. And if you can avoid talking and postpone the conversation until when you're not driving, so much the better! Talking on the phone greatly reduces your attention span behind the wheel.

6. No eating and drinking
Surely it has happened to you many times: you stop to refuel and your children want a bag of potatoes or a drink and you too! But be careful: reaching into a bag of snacks or drinking from a can means that you don't have both hands on the wheel. This situation is very dangerous! Try not to consume these snacks while driving or have them in the service area before restarting.

7. Don't paint your lips
If you've been flying out of the house and you haven't had time to do your makeup, don't do it at traffic lights looking at yourself in the rear view mirror. It is likely that you get lost, the traffic light turns green and you paralyze the traffic.

8. No smoking
If you smoke while driving, you can only hold the wheel with one hand. When you turn it on and off, you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds. In addition, tobacco smoke in the passenger compartment of the car is extremely harmful for your children.

9. Take your time to park properly
Avoid double parking or in front of a ford. It is very common and, a very common but not very civic practice, to park the car badly when we take our children to school.

10. Avoid clashes with other drivers
If the driver of the car next door wants to argue, don't even listen to him! Don't get into the game of honking other drivers either. Your children are watching you and they will learn from such negative behaviors.

Remember all these tips to avoid distractions and worse, driving accidents while you travel with children in the car.

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