Carnival and children

Carnival and children

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Carnival is music, color and fantasy. But, it is also history and tradition. A good story to tell the children and let them know the reason that leads them to dress up each year. It is important that children know the meaning of things, that will be of great help in their learning.

This time is the great time for children to go out into the streets converted, through a costume, into their favorite characters, for a whole day. A moment to have fun as a family, prepare sweets and go out dressed up. All children have the right to have fun, to go out in costumes, to dance and participate in the most joyous party of the whole year.

In addition to dancing, singing and dressing up, children can learn why Carnival is celebrated, what the party is like in different parts of the world or why each year it takes place on a different date on the calendar.

- History of Carnival
Costumes, makeup, dances, songs, masks and a lot of fun is what is experienced during the Carnival party. But why do people dress up during carnival? We will tell you about the origins of Carnival to clear up all kinds of doubts about this fun party.

- Carnival calendar
Carnival is not celebrated every year on the same date, how is the carnival date calculated? We tell you a trick to know when Carnival is celebrated.

- Carnival in the world
Discover the different celebrations and traditions of Carnival in different parts of the planet, from Brazil, through Cádiz or Venice.

- Meaning of Carnival
What is Carnival for children? We tell you how children live this celebration in which you have to prepare costumes and masks, make crafts, and decorate the house.

- Why do we wear masks?
The mask is one of the best known elements in the Venetian carnival, we will tell you what the masks mean in Carnival.

Fun, original and homemade ideas for children to have a perfect costume for Carnival.

- Kids customes
We propose endless ideas to dress up your male children at Carnival.

- Costumes for girls
If you're still not sure what you can dress up your daughter as, take a look at all these costume proposals.

- Baby Costumes
Babies can also enjoy carnivals, see what ideas to dress up the little ones in the house.

- Knit costumes
The most skilled moms can make these crochet costumes for their babies.

- Fantasy makeup
Following our step by step you can make original homemade makeup for your children.

- Homemade costumes
If this year you don't want to spend a lot of money on children's costumes, you can follow our ideas for making homemade children's costumes.

If instead of going to a Carnival party you want to organize yours, with these ideas to make delicious recipes, our drawings to color and decorate the house or homemade costumes, you will be able to put on the best Carnival party.

- Tales for Carnival
New and unpublished stories in which the Carnival party is the protagonist. They are short, easy to understand and contain a pinch of magic that the little ones like so much.

- Carnival drawings
If your child likes to color, you just have to print the drawing that he likes the most, the theme of all of them is Carnival.

- Carnival Recipes
What are the most typical dishes and desserts at Carnival? We explain what they are and how they are made so that you can surprise your guests during the parties.

- Music for Carnival
Music is very present in Carnival and, although samba is one of the most popular, there are others that have been dreaming for many years, as many as more than 200.

- Ideas for the party
Don't worry, organizing a Carnival party is not as difficult as it sounds. We show you some key proposals to organize a carnival party.

- Carnival games
Carnivals are a type of party that lends itself to playing games with children.

Children can make their own accessories for the Carnival costume with these original crafts.

- Mask crafts
So that children have an original costume, as well as economic, we propose these animal mask crafts.

- Headband crafts
Make an original costume for your child with these felt headband crafts that we propose at

- Mask crafts
With some paper or plastic plates you can make simple masks for children like the ones we have made. These crafts are so much fun.

- Draw your own mask
Learn to draw masks and masks to complete children's costumes, a very inexpensive and easy way to make accessories for children's costumes.

- Carnival wig
Making a homemade wig is very simple and it also allows you to create a personal one to your liking.

- Harlequin hat
The harlequin is one of the best known symbols of Carnival. We teach you how to make a very original hat with eva rubber.

- Fantasy masks
Ideas to create your own masks in a very simple and fun way. You can customize them to your liking.

- Hat with wig
Take a look at this hat that we made with a wig included.

Can you imagine a carnival with children without costumes? And can you imagine a costume without a good and original makeup? no, right? Therefore, we give you some easy and simple ideas to make up children for carnival.

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