How to talk to children about their private body parts

How to talk to children about their private body parts

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Since we want to give you some useful tips for talk to children about their private body parts, That is to say, about the genitals, and it is still difficult for us to call things by their name, perhaps due to the education we have received or, rather, to the lack of education that we have had around issues such as genitals, desire or sexuality.

In everything related to education of our sons and daughters We always try to go ahead, move forward, anticipate, but when the issue touches sexuality in some way, we behave in a totally different way.

The question we ask ourselves today is: How do we treat the genitals when naming them to our children? To this question, the vast majority of people would answer: "The best thing is to normalize", but this answer is a trap in itself, because what is normal? It is important that we answer this question before proceeding!

The term normal is totally subjective and as such the answer to the initial question is totally subjective as well. The best thing is to give the information we want to give in a way that makes us feel comfortable; if not, it will generate a "strange" environment and it will give us a hard time. We are going to try to answer some of the most common questions around this topic:

How do I name the genitals?
In adult language there are many colloquial words to refer to the genitals. This extensive vocabulary is multiplied if our interlocutor is a boy or a girl, all not to say vulva and penis.

Why don't we call things by their name?
Possibly out of shame, for fear of generating some kind of trauma or that "our sons and daughters are not prepared." Ready for what? Do we think so much about the fact that they are prepared for other day-to-day learning? Possibly not, because this actually reflects our insecurities, not those of our sons and daughters ...

A vulva is a vulva and a penis is a penis. Possibly the sooner we start calling things by name, the sooner we will start to relax on this topic.

But it is also important to make clear that if saying vulva or penis makes you feel some discomfort, nothing happens to start using infantilized words. When we feel more comfortable, we can start calling things by name, just as we do, for example, with a dog.

Many moms and dads say "wow" at first and with the passage of time they naturally substitute dog for it without causing a lexical problem for their sons and daughters.

Is it necessary to show my genitals to see what they are like?
It is not necessary to teach the genitals if we are not comfortable, but we will not cause any trauma to our sons and daughters if we teach them. The key is the same as in the previous question: we must do what makes us feel comfortable.

Returning to the example of the dog, I can tell my son or daughter "look at a dog" when we see him on the street or show him a picture of a dog and say "this is a dog." In both ways you will learn what a dog is.

The same thing happens with the genitals. If I feel comfortable taking a bath with my children, we can take the moment to name the different parts of the body. We can do the same while we bathe them or through photographs or drawings if the idea of ​​the bath bothers us.

These are some ideas for those parents who want to start talking with their sons and daughters about their most intimate parts of the body. And, remember, that the most important thing is to do it in the way that you feel most comfortable in order to generate a climate of communication and trust with your sons and daughters.

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