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11 original ideas of compound names with José for boys

11 original ideas of compound names with José for boys

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We all know that fashions are not eternal. And in a world that is becoming more cosmopolitan every day and with so much fusion and mixing of cultures, it is even difficult to recognize oneself. What is trending today is vintage tomorrow. Therefore, if you are expecting your baby and you still do not know what name to give him, from We advise you to follow your instincts and allow yourself to be advised only by your inner voice. Are you thinking of a compound name with José? We have the best ideas!

It is true that in recent years the top ten of the male names he has focused his gaze on those short, sonorous voices. Even, the bet of the parents has moved away from the Catholic religion to recover names of ancestral, spiritual or exotic cultures. And as fashions come and go, who doesn't tell us that the traditional and classic don't have a new life around the corner?

Our bet today is the compound names with José as a great protagonist. Without a doubt, the great advantage of giving our little one two names is that he can then give priority to the one he likes the most. But it is not the only one.

These combinations are usually very harmonious and easy to pronounce. And if there is no consensus between the parents to choose a single nickname, with the compounds everyone is happy and at peace. Also, if what we want is to pay tribute to our ancestors and to please both families the Compound names are a hit.

José is the king of male combinations. It is a name that carries the weight of tradition and history. It is a classic, but it is always current and present in our lives. And is that, who does not know a José? For this reason, we know that if our little one ends up calling himself José, he will be liked by both family and friends, because it is a nickname that never creates conflict.

To find the origin of Joseph, the time machine takes us to the Hebrew world. There we discover that it comes from the verb ‘lehosif’, which means “to add”. This way we make sure that our little one will always add to our life, never to subtract.

However, the true explanation of Joseph is in the Bible. José is to males what Mary is to females. And we cannot mention Joseph without alluding to his religious weight, since Christian tradition points to him as the putative father of Jesus.

In fact, there are theories that suggest that the name of Pepe (its diminutive) comes from the initials P.P, from the Latin expression 'Pater Putativos', adoptive father. His saints are celebrated on March 19, this date being Father's Day.

Here are some combinations that statistics show us that they work with José. Which is your favorite?

1. Jose Antonio
This denominative has its pillars in Greek, although it was the Latin world that popularized it. Antonio refers to the "brave man who stands up to his enemies."

2. Jose Luis
It comes from Germanic, but in its evolution it ended up becoming a frank voice. Luis translates as "the one who is glorious and enlightened in battle."

3. Jose Manuel
Its origin is Hebrew and means "God is with us." It is a shortened form of Emmanuel, mentioned in the Old Testament to refer to the Messiah, the son of God, so it makes direct reference to Jesus of Nazareth.

4. José Ángel
Its roots are found in the Greek. And its meaning is "messenger." With this name we will ensure that our little one is a great communicator.

5. Jose Miguel
This nickname comes to us from Hebrew. And although it literally means "who is like God?" (rhetorical question), its figurative meaning is "no one is like God" or "God is just."

6. Juan José
Of Hebrew origin. The etymological term from which it comes refers to "the man who is faithful to God."

7. José Armando
Here the origin is German, from the most primitive Germanic world. Its translation would be "he who is a warrior."

8. Joseph of Jesus
Its origin is Hebrew, specifically, the voice that we know today comes to us from Aramaic and its literal meaning is "the savior", not in vain is the son of God in the Bible.

9. Jose Maria
Here we make the combination with a feminine name. If Joseph was the putative father of Jesus, Mary was his mother. With a Hebrew origin, Mary is related to Myriam and refers to "the one chosen by God."

10. José Julián
It comes from Latin and translates as "person with strong roots." It is one of the most popular names in Spain and Latin America.

11. José Andrés
This name goes back to the Greek world whose meaning is “brave, strong and virile man”.

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