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The antics and adventures of a baby at home. What a danger!

The antics and adventures of a baby at home. What a danger!

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When babies start to crawl or walk, it is a joy for parents but also a concern. At this stage, babies will need two no, three or more watchful eyes on them. Babies are not afraid of anything, they roam around the house, they want to touch everything, and many of their adventures can become a risk to their health. If you have a baby at this stage, you know that he is not asleep and the house is silent ... Run !! He may be doing some mischief ... dangerous!

When my daughter started crawling, our house changed its appearance. It looked like a bunker! We have put protectors throughout the house to avoid possible blows and other accidents. The word that was heard the most was: prevention! We have put protectors for sockets, in the corners of the furniture, in the drawers, wedges for the doors, bars on the windows ... you hear so many stories of domestic accidents on the news that you end up catching fear, right?

I remember perfectly that when she started crawling, she loved moving. What he liked the most was exploring the cupboards in the lower part of the kitchen, where we kept bags of cookies, chips, some cans ... and he took them the other way. One day I discovered an arsenal of food under her crib!

Other times she was dedicated to opening the drawers of the wardrobe in the living room and dressing with tablecloths, napkins and other cloths. She also loved to play with the toilet paper rolls and carry them around the house.

Surely these situations sound very familiar to you, right? It would be good if we were on a level with our children to find out how they see the house. The stairs will surely be 'mountains' that invite you to climb, that it is easier for them to paint the walls than paper, and that pointed objects are much more interesting than their dolls. Without being carried away by fear, it is clear that your home can be transformed into a labyrinth full of dangers for the baby. What to do? Well, follow the saying that 'it's better to prevent than to cure', With a few simple rules:

1. Never leave your baby alone.

2. Do not stop putting protectors on furniture, doors, drawers, kitchen, stairs, etc.

3. Avoid putting dangerous objects such as cleaning products, knives, medicines, plastic bags, to avoid burns, poisoning ... to the little ones.

4. Always close the doors to the kitchen and bathrooms.

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