Weaning the baby. Feeding in the sixth and seventh month

Weaning the baby. Feeding in the sixth and seventh month

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The end of breastfeeding and the weaning process is a very important stage in the feeding of the baby and poses endless doubts for parents. According to experts, up to six months of age is not recommended introduce a solid diet due to the immaturity of the child's digestive system and the benefits of breast milk.

Once that threshold is crossed, the weaning process takes place, combining breast milk or formula milk with the new foods for at least two years, as advised by the World Health Organization.

The sixth and seventh month the diet will be based on milk, fruits, vegetables and cereals, while from the eighth month you can gradually introduce meats, fish, legumes and eggs.

According to the specialists of National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico (INP), it is essential to know the type of food, the amount and the frequency with which they should be given depending on the age of the baby.

In the sixth month of the baby, weaning begins and the first semi-solid foods. The INP recommends testing each new product on its own and in a small quantity to rule out any intolerances or food allergies.

The first recommended foods are vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals, such as carrot, pumpkin, banana or apple, always prepared in purees or porridges. The amount will be between one and two small tablespoons once or twice a day, better in the morning, and gradually increasing the variety and the amount as the month passes. Do not forget that breastfeeding or formula milk must be maintained.

From seventh month During the life of the baby, cereals and some tubers can begin to be introduced into the diet, since they have a great energy and vitamin contribution. Rice, corn and potatoes are recommended, the former can be mixed with milk or in baby food and purees.

Regarding the amount, it remains the same as the previous month, one or two small scoops once or twice a day. In addition, the type of fruits and vegetables can be increased, depending on the season.

Do not forget that these first months you must be patient with your little one, especially when he rejects some food. You can mix this product with other flavors or textures, and also take advantage of seasonal foods, always fresh and natural.


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