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We have compiled a list of important entities that work directly with children. More than one million volunteers make up the NGO structure, one of the main tools for defending social causes that involve boys and girls around the world. They are organizations that fight above all for the basic rights of children such as education and health, in addition to child safety.

Guiainfantil.com invites you to collaborate with donations or as volunteers in one of the NGOs. Many children in the world need your help and support.

1. Spanish Red Cross
Information 24h. Spain: 902 22 22 92
It is a humanitarian institution whose objectives are the search and promotion of peace, national and international cooperation, the dissemination and teaching of International Humanitarian Law; the defense of Human Rights; assistance to victims in situations of conflict, accidents or disasters; care for all people who suffer; the promotion and collaboration in actions of solidarity, development cooperation and social welfare; the development of training activities to achieve peace, mutual respect and understanding among all men.

2. Unicef
Information Spain: 913 789 555
UNICEF is an organization established in Spain since 1946. All its work is governed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, approved by the United Nations in 1989 and today turned into the first Human Rights treaty almost universally accepted, since it has It has been ratified by practically all the countries of the world.

The Committee has the mandate to ensure compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Spain and to raise funds to invest in the Human Development programs that UNICEF carries out in all the impoverished countries of the world. After a joint reflection, in 2005 it was decided to change from association to foundation, in order to facilitate a structure in accordance with the homologation that UNICEF seeks among the 37 Committees in the world. Each one, obviously, within the legislation of their country.

3. Intermón Oxfam
Information Spain: 902 330 331
INTERMÓN OXFAM is an NGO that, for 45 years, has worked with people from underprivileged countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia so that they can exercise their right to a decent life. We join forces with the other 11 members of OXFAM INTERNATIONAL, in order to eradicate poverty. For this, we cooperate in development projects, act in emergencies, promote solidarity, denounce the causes of poverty and promote Fair Trade.

4. Caritas Espanola
Information Spain: 91 444 10 00
Cáritas is the official Confederation of charitable and social action entities of the Catholic Church in Spain, established by the Episcopal Conference. Created in 1947, Cáritas has its own legal personality, both ecclesiastical and civil.

Its founding objectives include promoting and coordinating the solidarity of the Christian community and helping human advancement and the integral development of the human dignity of all people who are in a precarious situation.

Caritas has a renewed and constant experience of working with the poor and for the poor. He knows their most frequent problems, the limitation and imperfection of the social laws that should solve them, and the physical, mental, family, moral and human consequences of their situation.

5. Save the children
Information Spain: 91 513 05 00
It is a private, non-profit, plural and independent institution. Its fundamental objective is the active defense of the interests of boys and girls and, particularly, of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Among its objectives is to promote and defend the rights of boys and girls within the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Promote legislative measures that favor the fulfillment of these rights, develop awareness and solidarity programs, as well as contribute to eliminating discrimination based on sex. Also to promote children's associations and to carry out development cooperation projects.

6. Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer
Information Spain: 93 850 53 44
The Federation's own purposes are to promote and practice as many means as possible to ensure that children with cancer treated in Spain have the same possibilities of diagnosis, treatment and survival, with the highest quality of life.

To this end, it will coordinate the work of federated associations to contribute to the better state of children and their parents, both in the medical, psychological, care, etc., working so that the affective and educational development of children and their families is the most appropriate to your special circumstances and, in general, performing any other action that tends to improve your quality of life.

7. Clowns without Borders. NGO for the Arts
Information Spain: 93 441 20 99
Payasos sin Fronteras is an international humanitarian NGO with a dual objective:

- Improve the psychological situation of the population of refugee camps and conflict zones, through the performances of artists and socio-educational workshops.

- Raise awareness in our society about the situation of the affected populations and promote attitudes of solidarity.

8. Little Wish Foundation
Information Spain: 91 574 12 34
The FPD's mission is to make the wishes of children with chronic illnesses or poor prognosis come true with the sole objective of providing them with joy that helps them feel better emotionally.
"Sometimes fulfilling a child's wish is his best medicine."

9. SOS Childhood
Information Spain: [email protected]
Its objective is to help in the most direct and effective way possible, the child population most in need, in the part of the world where our action can reach at all times. Children, because of their innocence, are the most defenseless creatures and therefore the most vulnerable.

"It is true that one person cannot change the world, but at least another's world; in our case, in yours, we can improve the world of more children than we think. If we know that they need us and also how to help them , ... can we remain calmly installed in our comfort? "

10. Protect Association
Barcelona: 902 555 235. Contact email: [email protected]
It is a non-governmental, secular and plural organization that works for the respect and fulfillment of children's rights in places where the presence of foreign sexual offenders threatens their physical and psychological integrity.

Its objective is to prosecute and denounce the sexual abuse of minors committed by foreigners in places (currently in Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Costa Rica), where the main sources of sexual crimes are concentrated, in order to achieve peace, mutual respect and understanding among all men.

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