The idols of children. How they influence them

The idols of children. How they influence them

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A little boy of about 5 years old seeks to escape the horror of war. To do this, you only need a ball and the shirt of your favorite player, the one you admire and who encourages you to dream and get up every day.

The little one is called Murtaza and lives in a rural area of ​​Afghanistan. Since he does not have enough resources to buy a soccer jersey, he makes one, with the help of his father and older brother. With a plastic bag, paint some blue stripes. In the middle, on the back, the name of his idol: Leo Messi.

Without knowing it, that footballer whom the little one admires, makes him dream. It makes their aspirations go beyond the armed confrontation. It marks a way for you to follow. And in your case, it also helps you use your imagination and be creative. Do idols really influence children so much?

A singer, a sportsman or a Hollywood star. The idols of the little ones have something going for them: the media have made them famous. They have turned them into stars and incidentally have managed to cross borders. Each of them represents a benchmark for millions of children to follow.

Which famous person does your child admire? Would you like to be a Formula 1 driver like Lewis Hamilton? Footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo? Singer like Violetta or Justin Bieber? Each of them transmits a series of values. We may not care, and it does. Idols bring all of these things to children:

- Teaches them a pattern to follow.

- It transmits a series of values ​​to them.

- Encourage your imagination. It helps them to be creative.

- Represents a dream conquered.

Children tend to imitate their idols. Hence the relevance that these people have. In addition, many children can create a false image of their idol. And that's precisely where the parents come into play. An obsession with their idol can generate false expectations and a lot of frustration in children. But well managed, without obsessions, knowing that your idols are also people with their limitations and mistakes, they can motivate you to fight for your dream.

Young children have only one idol that they admire daily: their parents. Their parents are like superheroes for them and there is no one who can defeat them. But from the age of 8, children start looking for other 'superheroes' far from home. It can even be a cartoon.

And if not, remember. Didn't you have any idols as a child? That singer you admired and who made you dress in a certain way? That footballer you wanted to become a scorer for? That actor whose photos you lined your folders with?

According the psychologist Alfonso CorreaHaving an idol since childhood is the most normal thing in the world, since it justifies that effort to seek our identity. To do this, we look for references.

It is best not to prevent the child from having his own idols. According to experts, parents should not coerce him about whom they should not follow. We can give our opinion, of course, and tell our son if we don't like one of his idols, even setting limits but never forcing him to stop following him. You already know that these types of prohibitions only achieve the opposite effect.

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