A boy shaves his hair in solidarity with his friend with cancer

A boy shaves his hair in solidarity with his friend with cancer

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Do you think a seven-year-old is capable of teaching an adult an important lesson about friendship? Vincent, an American boy has done it and his story has traveled the world. And it is that, great gestures or extreme acts are not always necessary, sometimes, with a small detail we can show our best friend, our parents or our children how much we care.

Zac and Vincent are two friends who go to the same school together and they are both in the same class. One day Zac began to feel bad, after several weeks very ill without a clear diagnosis, it came like a blow: acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer that needed urgent treatment.

From then on Zac had to begin his journey through the hospital to receive treatment and be able to heal. As hard as it was, he didn't want to miss class and hardly missed a day of school. However, the chemotherapy he was receiving was having its effect, and among other physical changes, Zac lost his hair.

In parallel, his best friend Vincent began to research leukemia and to take an interest in what was happening to his friend. And he had a first and great idea, to help his best friend, the first thing he thought was to sell scarves and with this simple act he managed to get 200 euros by himself.

But here the story is not left, Vincent kept thinking about how to make his friend feel better, so one day he came to class with a cap and when he took it off ... everyone was surprised! Vincent had shaved his hair as a gesture of solidarity towards his friend, so that you do not feel alone and different.

Vincent had taken the initiative to shave his hair in a beautiful gesture towards a friend. Today, they both continue to play at school, and although Zac is still not fully cured, he is very lucky to have his great friend Vincent, who could ask for more?

And, a 7-year-old child can also give great lessons to adults and teach values ​​as important as friendship and solidarity.

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