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What to do if your child swallows a button battery. Immediate home remedy

What to do if your child swallows a button battery. Immediate home remedy

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Children are in great danger, this is the number one rule for all fathers and mothers in the world. Their lack of awareness of danger can lead them to commit the most unlikely or absurd acts for an adult.

One of them, very common indeed, is his fondness for putting small objects in his mouth, nose or ears. Hundreds of doctors a year have to do stomach washings or extractions of foreign elements.

In particular, there are thousands of cases of children in the world who swallow button batteries, a very dangerous element that can leave sequelae for life or can even put their life at risk. This is one Homemade emergency solution proposed by a medical team if the child swallows a button battery.

There are many toys that contain button batteries, which are very attractive to children in size, shape, and shine. If in an oversight, we leave them on a shelf, the child picks them up and swallows them, you have to react immediately, their health is at serious risk.

The logical thing is to go to the emergency room immediately, time plays against you and, above all, on the child's. But in addition to this, a team of pediatric specialists from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Nationwide Children's Hospital discovered that giving a child honey after swallowing a button cell can prevent serious injury to death. Their results were published in the journal Laryngoscope.

This team worked on this problem because only in the United States more than 2,500 children a year swallow button batteries. The doctors warned about the importance of reacting as soon as possible since in the two hours after ingesting the battery the damage begins to be serious and with more time it can leave the child in a critical state.

These types of batteries begin to have a chemical reaction when they come into contact with saliva and an alkaline solution begins to form that can dissolve a child's esophageal tissue and causes other injuries such as:

  • Sore throat.
  • Cough.
  • Fever.
  • Difficulty to swallow.
  • Whistling breathing.
  • Esophageal perforation.
  • Vocal cord paralysis.
  • Erosion of the respiratory tract.
  • Erosion of blood vessels.

This team of researchers sought a solution that could help prevent all these very serious injuries and that could be applied immediately from home. They tested liquids that could create a protective barrier between the battery and the child's body tissue and block the alkaline solution that the battery produces. This led them to try juices, sports drinks and sodas, but the solution was the bees.

Honey Together with sucralfate, a drug used for stomach ulcers, they were shown to have protective effects and made the lesions more superficial and localized.

According to these experts: "Our recommendation would be that parents and caregivers give honey at regular intervals, in that period of time before the child arrives at the hospital, while doctors in the hospital can give sucralfate before removing the battery." Recommended by this team is one teaspoon of honey every 5-10 minutes, until you get to be treated by a medical team.

In any case, before reaching this point, it is preferable for us to be aware of children's weaknesses for small objects and never, under any circumstances, not for just a second, leave batteries or small objects within their reach. .

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