The video of the cruel teacher who mistreats a child with autism

The video of the cruel teacher who mistreats a child with autism

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Shocking, cruel, devastating, so are the images and the story that we tell you today and that we would not like to write, but we must report this type of behavior: that of an irresponsible teacher, because she has no other name, that abuses a child with autism. How can a teacher star in these types of episodes? Why do these things keep happening?

Angel Nelson, a mother with a autistic 9 year old boy, Trina Abrams's words at the beginning of the school year are still etched in his memory: "I have years of experience in this type of case. Your son is in good hands." And it is that the teacher has been captured by the security cameras of the center dragging the little one through the corridors. Of course, she has been automatically fired and faces a serious charge for abuse a child with autism, But the damage is done.

"The child carries in occupational therapy from 3 years And he had progressed in his development, but since he started in this Individualized Education Program with this teacher he has severely regressed and currently needs more extensive therapy than ever. She has experienced a regression in fine motor skills, such as writing, buttoning pants and tying shoes, as a result of her injuries, "explains this mother.

According to the child's mother, her son has limited speech and has been diagnosed autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. The aggression was so violent (below you have the video where you can witness it yourself) that the child was injured.

Doctors have confirmed that the little boy has a sprained wrist, swelling and bruises. "Mrs. Abrams tightly grasped my son by the wrist and bent him backward while experiencing a seizure, which he sometimes suffers as part of his diagnoses," Nelson said worriedly.

Apparently the boy he was tired and wanted to take a break, something Trina Abrams didn't think was right at all. According to the mother, her son was pushed back in his chair with force and it was later that Abrams pulled him out of the classroom and began to drag him by the wrist and down the hall. 'Do you want to walk?', Abrams would say to the little one, to which he replied: 'No.'

At one point, she stops dragging the student and orders him to get up. She is seen trying to get the boy to his feet. He, on the other hand, loosens up and refuses, so she continues to drag him. The video also shows how this teacher is unperturbed by the presence of other students in the corridor and continues to drag the little boy with autism.

Without a doubt, a fact that cannot be justified in any way and that we hope that neither in the United States, nor in Australia nor in Europe will occur again.

If you are a teacher and there is some child with autism, we give you a series of tips to work with the little one in their day to day:

- Work with the family
It is very important and necessary that communication between the teacher and parents is constant. In this way, it is possible to inform at any time of the child's situation and the progress made in both scenarios.

- Establish an organization
The children with autism They are very organized, hence it is very important to notify them in advance if there will be any change in their daily routine. For example, if there is always math in the morning, but one day it is going to vary, inform him so that he does not feel disoriented or misplaced.

- Reduce sound stimuli
It may be the case that some children have sensory hypersensitivity so that their reaction to certain sounds, such as songs in the classroom or listening exercises, may be to cover their ears.

- Promote integration with other students
For the child to feel like one more in the classroom it is necessary for the teacher to work with him and with the rest of the students on communication. For example, in the morning set the time for greeting or, in the afternoon, that of farewell.

- Perform visual activities
The most recommended exercises for working with children with autism are all those that have to do with sensory experiences: puzzles, play dough, pictograms ... Forget about textual elements.

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