The Christmas ball. Christmas poem about the innocence of children

The Christmas ball. Christmas poem about the innocence of children

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Christmas is emotions and feelings, just like poetry. Therefore, in our site We propose you a beautiful Christmas poem that talks about a Christmas ball hanging from a fir tree. A girl makes a huge discovery in her that makes her a very happy girl. The protagonist of this story does not need gifts to have a good time, it is worth it with a very special Christmas ornament. Blessed innocence of children!

We hope you enjoy 'The Christmas ball', a beautiful christmas poem written by the poet Marisa Alonso Santamaría.

of a Christmas tree,

shone bright

A crystal ball.

Next to the portal of Bethlehem,

sitting at the foot of the tree,

a girl making faces

Bringing his face closer

he saw that there was a child inside,

kicked in his crib

and laughed amused.

Cocking head

surprised asked:

What are you doing inside a ball?

And the boy smiled at him.

With grace he stuck out his tongue,

making fun of the child,

and playing the same child,

he made a rogue face on him.

He started to wink at her,

then the other winked at him

and the child also playing

he closed his eyes at the same time.

she said tired of the game,

and the child also tired

he yawned very sleepy.

As you say good night,

with her lips she kissed him,

and the crystal ball

with more light it shone.

Does your son like poetry? If the answer is negative, perhaps you should suggest some verses that are within reach. And it is that poems are a great tool that helps children acquire and practice different skills necessary for their adult life. These are some of the reasons why your child should read more poetry.

1. Stimulate your creativity and imagination
As with stories, poems open doors and windows to new worlds in which anything can happen. Children who read the most are more creative and fanciful.

2. Helps improve memory
Playing at memorizing poems will improve children's retentive capacity, a skill that will help them when studying.

3. Teach a richer lexicon
Some poems contain words that can be escaped from children's vocabulary, allowing them to expand their vocabulary. The most curious children will want to know what the different words they read mean and will learn in the process of finding meaning.

4. Transmits values ​​and talks about emotions
Poems can serve as learning for children as they transmit teachings and values. Also, they can help children understand their emotions and feelings.

5. Improve rhythm and expression
The cadences and rhymes in poems can help children improve their speaking skills. By straining to recite the poems, they learn to keep up with a reading rhythm and improve intonation.

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