Christmas phrases. Christmas postcards

Christmas phrases. Christmas postcards

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Christmas tales and fables

Sayings, messages and dedications to congratulate Christmas and share them with friends and family


Putting the Christmas tree at home becomes every year a time of hope, fun, creativity and games. Let the children participate and select the tree decorations with you. If you want, you can also hang this postcard among the rest of the ornaments.

Ask Santa Claus along with your list of gifts, the most important: Health, Love and Happiness. And if you want to ask for it for others as well, here is a nice Christmas postcard to send to all your loved ones.

Christmas is celebrated practically all over the world. For a few days, people feel much more united by the same feeling. Use this Christmas card to send happiness and peace to all the people you want.

If what you want is for the spirit of Christmas (joy, generosity, illusion, love ...) to last 365 days a year, here is the postcard you were looking for. Your Christmas wishes will last.

Christmas is full of tender and tender moments. For example, the moment when the children receive the gifts that Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men brought them. And if there is a typical Christmas sound, it is that of laughter. With this fun Christmas card, you are sure to get at least one smile.

Family and friends are the true stars of Christmas. For many people, these dates signify the reunion with someone they have not seen for a long time. But if you can't have them around, send them all your love with a Fellicitation card.

Santa Claus has the help of some little elves or elves who prepare the gifts. Thanks to them, he ensures that all the children receive what they asked for on time. Use this postcard to send your best wishes along with the Christmas gifts.

We must not forget that Christmas is a Christian holiday used to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is also time to remember what his birth meant and to review the teachings that he left us.

The Magi were wise elders who, guided by a star, came to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. The kings continue to commemorate that day, bringing gifts to children every Christmas. If you want, you can also use them to congratulate these holidays with this card.

Sometimes the best Christmas gift is immaterial. No matter how hard you try to wrap a smile, you won't succeed. So take advantage of these days to give them away without shame. You will be right for sure.

We often do not know what message we want to send in our Christmas greetings. The advice is to let your heart speak. You don't have to fill out a word card. But you can always seek help and use this nice Christmas card.

Christmas also invites us to reflect. Why are we happier these days? What exactly does Christmas mean? It is also the moment to look back and think about all the things that we lived through this year that is about to end.

Birds can also be great messengers. If you have someone far from you who you want to send a big hug this Christmas, you can use this postcard and fill it with your best wishes.

Angels were the messengers of the Jesus birth. An angel is synonymous with goodness and innocence. If you like them, here is a card with which you can congratulate your loved ones on these Holidays.

What would Santa Claus do without his reindeer? Surely he could not get to all the children's houses in time. Your reindeer are magical, and they can fly. They can also be used to send your best wishes to those you love the most.

Christmas is joy, togetherness, reunions, family meals, happiness ... can you imagine that it could last every day of the year? Send your best wishes with this Christmas card ... and may they last forever.

Congratulate with a smile thanks to this Christmas card. Santa Claus has hung the clothes to have them ready for that special day: Christmas Eve. Will he be able to get all the gifts to all the children in the world on time?

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