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Crafts and recipes with Christmas reindeer for children

Crafts and recipes with Christmas reindeer for children

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The reindeer are those characters that are present at Christmas, they may not be the main protagonists but they appear on greeting cards, in children's costumes, on the night that Santa Claus distributes toys, in Christmas movies ...

Santa Claus, the Christmas tree or the Three Wise Men may be more important, however, they are endearing characters, since thanks to them, Santa Claus can travel the world so that all children have their little gifts.

Do you want to have a good time with your family? We propose themdifferent ways to make Santa Claus reindeer: with popsicle sticks, cardboard plates, toilet paper rolls or tongs. Also, here you will find reindeer drawings and cards to congratulate your loved ones.

Reindeer with rolls of paper. We teach you how to make Rodolfo the reindeer with toilet paper rollers. Rodolfo is the reindeer with the red nose and one of the best known to children. If your child loves the figure of Santa Claus and everything that surrounds him, he will surely like to make this craft with recycling material.

Christmas reindeer with clothespins. Reindeer figure with clamps. Recycled crafts. GuiaInfantil proposes you Christmas crafts for children made with recycling material. Christmas crafts to make a Santa Claus reindeer.

Christmas reindeer with dishes. We teach you how to make a beautiful Christmas reindeer with cardboard plates, with the children. Do you know what Santa's reindeer is called? One of them is Rudolph and on our site we are going to make a craft to make this Santa Claus reindeer out of recycled cardboard plates.

Christmas reindeer with ice cream sticks. Christmas reindeer craft with ice cream sticks to do with the children during the Christmas holidays. How to make a Christmas reindeer out of ice cream sticks. Homemade Christmas decorations for children with ice cream sticks. How to make a Christmas reindeer out of ice cream sticks.

Reindeer makeup. Reindeer makeup for children. our site brings you this reindeer face makeup for your children to have fun this Christmas. Help them get creative and play to keep the Christmas spirit.

Christmas reindeer postcard. To have a fun time with the children, we propose crafts like this Christmas reindeer postcard made with felt, an original way to congratulate the holidays. Felt crafts for children. How to make a Christmas reindeer postcard step by step.

Draw a Christmas reindeer. Christmas drawing for children of a Christmas reindeer. Teach your children to draw in a simple way with these children's drawings thanks to our site. A way to enjoy Christmas with the family.

Reindeer-shaped Christmas cabana for children. Reindeer-shaped Christmas canapes. With our site, learn how to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canapes for children in the shape of a Christmas reindeer.

Felt reindeer for Christmas. What ornaments are you going to hang on your Christmas tree this year? On our site we suggest you make them at home in an easy and fun way. We teach you to make ornaments in the shape of Rudolph, Santa Claus's reindeer, and a snowman.

Christmas reindeer mask. Rodolfo, is the best-known reindeer of Santa Claus. On our site we suggest you make a red-nosed reindeer mask for children to dress up for Christmas.

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