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The castle of you will go and you will not return. Kid stories

The castle of you will go and you will not return. Kid stories

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Adventure stories spark children's imaginations. But in addition to adventures, these kinds of stories also transmit many values, which have to do with effort, sincerity and the achievement of dreams.

In this case, 'The castle of you will go and you will not return', It is a popular tale that speaks of bravery, cunning and love.

In a beautiful town by the sea a fisherman lived with his wife. They were older and had no children. They only had each other. Every morning very early the man left his house to go fishing. One day, when he reached the sea, he threw the net into the water and when he pulled it out, he saw that a very large fish had been trapped in it. When he saw the fisherman, the frightened fish said:

- Don't take me to your house, please! Put me back in the water!

And the fisherman replied:

- I'm sorry, but I can't put you back in the water. My wife and I don't have money to buy food and the only thing we can eat is what I catch every day.

"Okay," replied the fish. You can take me home but when you finish eating, you have to collect all the thorns except two, and keep them well for fifteen days. Then you will go to the place where you have kept the thorns and you will find two children that you will have to take care of as if they were your children. To protect them, hang the other two thorns around their necks, so nothing bad can ever happen to them.

And so he did. The fisherman kept two thorns behind some trees that were in the vicinity. After fifteen days, he returned to that place as he had promised to the fish and he found two beautiful babies, so equal to each other that they seemed one. The fisherman, full of joy, took the children home and there he and his wife cared for them as if they were their own children.

The years went by and the children grew up. His parents were already very old and could not work. One night, while the fisherman and the woman were sleeping, one of the brothers said to the other:

- Tonight I will leave the house to find a better place for everyone. Take this little bottle full of water. Always carry it with you. If the water changes color it is because something bad has happened to me, so go out immediately to find me.

The young brother kept a knife to protect himself from the dangers of the night and left his house in search of a better place. He walked for many days through a forest without finding anything until one night, while he was preparing to rest a little, in the middle of the darkness he could make out some village lights on the horizon.

Although he was tired, he decided to come to town that same night. He had not walked for a few minutes when he met some lumberjacks who were returning to their houses and he asked them if they knew which town it was that could be seen from that place.

- It is a very rich town - explained a woodcutter -, but nobody can enter or leave. Before arriving there is a seven-headed monster in the forest that controls the only entrance to the town. In this way he protects the town from all dangers, but in return, every year that monster takes the most beautiful girl in town, and this year he will take the king's daughter, who has promised that if someone kills the monster before he takes his daughter, he can marry her.

The boy thought for a moment. He had found the solution to his problems. He said goodbye to the woodcutters and ran to the town gate to look for the monster with the seven heads. When there were a few meters to go to the entrance of the town, out of the darkness of the forest a giant monster with seven heads appeared, that caught him with its claws ready to kill him. The young man could do nothing; the monster had him trapped.

For a moment he thought he had lost the fight, but suddenly he remembered something his father had said to him when he was little. With much effort, he reached a hand to his neck and there he found the thorn that would protect him. He gripped the thorn tightly and stabbed the monster, which fell to the ground lifelessly while giving a shuddering cry.

The boy, although he was exhausted from the fight, cut off the seven tongues of the seven heads of the monster to take them to the king and thus be able to marry his daughter.

So he decided to walk a little further and find a safe place to sleep until the next morning, when he would go to see the king and bring him the seven languages, but when he reached the castle gates he was shocked: he could not see the king. because during the night, a woodcutter had killed the monster and taken the seven heads to it, and the wedding between the king's daughter and the woodcutter was taking place in the castle at that time.

The young man could not stay without doing anything: he had to see the king and tell him the truth. He walked around the castle looking for the room where the wedding was taking place, and when he found it, he climbed the castle wall and leaped through a window.

"Arrest him," said the king.

"No majesty, wait," replied the boy. The wedding cannot take place. The lumberjack is a fake.

- Speak - ordered the king - How can you prove that what you say is true?

- Last night, andI killed the monster myself. As proof that what I say is true I bring here your seven languages. This means that I killed him before the woodcutter with his ax cut off the monster's heads. Check if the heads that the woodcutter brought have tongues or not.

The king, after seeing that what the boy said was true, ordered the woodcutter to be expelled from the town immediately and married his daughter and the fisherman's son that same day, as he had promised. The newlyweds enjoyed the banquet and a great party. The boy was happy. Now he could go home to find his family so that they could all live in that wonderful town.

The party ended and the king's daughter accompanied the young man to his room. When they arrived, the boy leaned out of the window to breathe the fresh air of that place and saw in the distance a castle surrounded by strange lights.

- What is that? He asked the king's daughter.

- It is the castle of you will go and you will not return The princess replied. There lives an old and evil sorceress. All who go, disappear. Nobody knows what happens, but none of those who have gone to capture the witch have managed to return. My father has promised to give the castle and all the lands that surround it to whoever manages to end it.

Then the boy had an idea. He waited for the princess to fall asleep and left the castle in silence. He mounted the fastest horse of the king and with a spear he hurried towards the castle of the witch. When he arrived, he saw hundreds of men lying on the ground in deep sleep. While he was trying to wake them up to help him finish off the witch, she, from a window, threw her powerful sleep powder at him and he fell asleep with the others.

At that time, his brother, who had never parted with the bottle he had given him when he left, vio how the water was changing color. Worried, he left the house and relentlessly crossed the forest for several days and nights until he reached the village.

It was very late when the princess, who was leaning out of the bedroom window to see if her beloved would return, saw her brother arrive, tired from the journey. She went down to look for him, believing that he was her lover, since the two were very similar.

"I've missed you so much," said the princess. Where have you been this time?

He, who did not want to worry the princess, replied:

- I went to help my brother because he was in trouble.

The king's daughter, calmer, accompanied the one who believed her husband to the room. Arriving at the window, the brother asked the princess:

- What is that castle that can be seen from here?

- I told you that it is the castle of you will go and you will not return. Do not go, please, I am very afraid of the evil sorceress who lives there.

The boy understood where his brother could be. When the princess fell asleep, she left the room in silence, and ran with a horse to the witch's castle.

Upon arrival, he saw his brother asleep on the ground. She got off the horse to wake him, but as she tried, the witch, who was watching everything from a window, threw her powerful sleep powder at her. Something was wrong for the witch: the boy did not sleep. It threw more and more dust at him but it had no effect. Then, the completely enraged witch launched herself from the window towards the young man and grabbed the boy's neck with her ugly hands to end his life.

He felt that he was out of air and was trying to remove the witch's hands from his neck, when, suddenly, he touched the thorn that was hanging and remembered his father's words. Forcefully, he thrust the thorn into the witch's hand, which froze.

Then in a second his hideous figure turned into black smoke, disappearing like this forever. The sun was beginning to rise and all the men who were asleep around the witch's castle began to wake up.

When everyone woke up, they thanked the new hero for saving them from the witch's spell and carried him on their shoulders to the king's castle. There the king and princess came out to meet them.

The princess, seeing that her beloved was not one, but two, and that they were also accompanied by all the brave men who tried for years to kill the witch, asked for an explanation.

The two brothers told him the whole story, and the king, very happy for the courage that the boy had shown in having defeated the witch, sent to find his parents and gave them, as he had promised, the castle so that they could live in peace for the rest of their lives.

The son who had married the princess lived happily with her, and many years later he would become the king of the place. The new king would always have his brother as his advisor, from whom he would never separate again.

1. What agreement did the fish and the fisherman make?

2. What did the fisherman achieve with the agreement?

3. What happened when one of the fisherman's sons found a rich town?

4. How did the fisherman's son use the fishbone?

5. What did the king of the people do?

6. What have you learned from this story?

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