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Positions to get pregnant

Positions to get pregnant

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When I decided to get pregnant, it took only three or four months to get pregnant. It is a relatively short time, I have friends who have been around for more than two years and are already using assisted reproductive techniques. However, those months seemed like an eternity.

Each month I calculated my fertile days so that fertilization occurred during the ovulation period. Not getting it for the first few months, I started to despair, so I started reading about tricks to promote conception: from not getting up right after intercourse, to keeping my legs elevated.

If you are also looking for a pregnancy, the first thing the gynecologist will advise you is take it easy, stress or overwhelm does not help anything and sometimes inhibits the ability to reproduce. You can also take into account these postures that, according to experts, favor conception:

Missionary position: the man on top of the woman. This position favors the permanence of the semen in the vagina and prevents it from going out. On the contrary, if the woman is on top, it makes it difficult for the sperm to travel up.

Pelvic elevation: putting a pillow or cushion. Elevating the woman's pelvis helps sperm penetrate deeper into the cervix.

Remain lying down: To promote pregnancy, it is recommended that the woman lie down for 15 minutes after sexual intercourse. This position helps the sperm to continue their journey to the fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place.

Likewise, orgasm favors conception, since the vaginal and uterine contractions derived from it, favor the penetration of the sperm.

On the contrary, there are positions that do not help or that make conception difficult:

- Standing or sitting. In these cases, the law of gravity makes it more difficult for the sperm to travel to the fallopian tubes.

- Stay in a lateral position, penetration may be less.

The ovulation calculator is designed to help you predict your fertile days based on the days of your menstrual cycle. Knowing the days when you are most likely to conceive a baby will make it easier for you to get pregnant.

If what you want is to get pregnant, find out the date of your ovulation so that fertilization occurs. You can use the ovulation calculator from

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