When and where should children do their homework

When and where should children do their homework

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Children need a comfortable, quiet, and well-lit place to do their homework. Your room is the ideal place for children to do their homework at a well-lit table and with a height-adjustable chair to keep your back straight. You can study at the kitchen table or at the table in the living room, as long as there are no distractions that draw the children's attention away from their studies.

A distraction when doing homework is being next to a television on or in a place where people are talking or other children are playing. In general, we all work better when we can work in a place reserved for study and children too. For this reason, avoid having your child do homework at the same time as other activities such as watching television, playing video games or having the computer on.

Housework should be a daily routine and activity. Get your child used to studying, even if they don't bring homework. In this case, your child can dedicate the time reserved for homework to read or do research, for example.

It is important that you set aside time for study or reading, every day, even if only 15 minutes, adapting it to the pattern of activities in your home. It is a healthy and necessary habit. If you have more children, it is best to schedule time periods for concurrent study. This will prevent them from distracting each other.

Your child should know what tasks are pending, when they are due and how long to plan to complete them. These guidelines are set by the teacher in class and it is best to comply with the obligation and deadlines. However, there are some children who tend to forget to write the day's homework on the agenda or do not remember to bring the notebook or book.

In these cases, it is essential to establish clear educational consequences for the child. Make it very clear to your child what will happen if this happens frequently and ask for a tutoring with his teacher. There needs to be a communion in the planning of children's homework.

The homework should always be done at the same time every day and the best time is an hour after coming home from school. During that hour, the children can snack, relax and play. After that time, they should start with their homework.

The firm and convincing stance of parents is also very important to carry out this difficult task. First, sit down with your child for a moment in a quiet place and explain what you expect of him and how you can help each other. Make it clear that commitment comes first and fun second. It's difficult at first, but with persistence and lots of support, children will easily adjust to their duties and gradually learn to manage their time better.

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