The 8 Amazing Benefits of Gaming for Parents

The 8 Amazing Benefits of Gaming for Parents

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Whenever we talk about game benefits, we usually focus on the multiple advantages that this activity has for children and for their emotional, social, cognitive and psychomotor development ... But what about the elderly? Which are the benefits of the game for parents? What does it bring to them?

He game It has many benefits for adults: it allows us to laugh, relax, disconnect, get to know ourselves better, get closer to others, feel freer, be fit ... If, in addition, we play with our children, we improve our relationships with them, we strengthen ties , we approach their world and get to know them better. Do you need more reasons?

1. Play unites families
Playing with our children is an activity that encourages and facilitates affective and emotional relationships in the family. The rhythm of life that we lead does not allow us many times play with our children. We tend to focus on homework, studies, our own tasks and obligations, and spend little time playing with our children.

2. Through play we get to know our children better
Sharing moments of leisure and play with our children helps us to get to know them better, and it is an opportunity to delve into their world, to discover their interests, to share moments in which the relationship between parents and children is a relationship of equality, because both adults and children we become players and creators of the same game.

3. Strengthens the family bond
On the other hand, sharing these moments improves our relationships with our children and allows us to strengthen the emotional bond with them. Children, through play, express their emotions, thoughts and interests.

4. Best anti-stress method
But gambling can have other effects on adults as well. Perhaps the most beneficial is that it allows us to disconnect from the concerns of our day to day and do what is supposed to be "banned" for us.

5. It makes us lose our shame
When we are adults it seems that there are activities that we can only do at certain times, and outside of those times we are ashamed, because we seem immature people and that we are wasting time ...

For example, children love to dress up, and whether it's carnival or not, they dress up almost daily if they can. We parents see them and we find it very funny, although it is something that we do not do out of shame, because we do not see the sense of it, because we think it is immature ... But we love their creativity and spontaneity when they put a towel on their back and act as superheroes, or they dress up in our clothes and pretend to be older.

6. Allows to disconnect
Play is a fantastic time to get out of our routine, to let ourselves be carried away by the enthusiasm of children; It is a perfect situation to imagine, to escape from our day to day and, surely, something that will fill us with happiness.

7. Exercise our mind
But play also helps us keep our minds in shape. Games allow us to exercise memory, attention, concentration, mental agility ... Board games, cards, wit or mime are good for children and adults, and if we play together and have fun, much better! For example, mimic games such as guessing movies, series or famous or fictional characters stimulate creativity and force us to activate cognitive resources such as memory or attention.

8. Keeps them in shape
Physical or sports games are a fantastic way to stay active, to release stress, to have fun, to forget about the routine, to relax, to improve our health ... And if we also play sports with other people, all the better !

We tend to target our children to soccer, basketball, dance, swimming ... And we do it not only so that they play sports but also so that they make friends, so that they meet more people, interact with other children ... These same benefits that we seek for them they apply to us adults.

You know, when you are on vacation, family reunions, with friends ...... what if we take the opportunity to play?

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