Creative and very familiar. This is how babies born in an odd year are

Creative and very familiar. This is how babies born in an odd year are

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Not all people are the same. In fact, every child that is born is unique and special. However, what would you think of me telling you that depending on whether we were born in an odd or even year we are going to share a series of common traits? And it is that, the calendar does matter at the time of birth. If you plan to give birth to in the next twelve months, this interests you! So are babies born in an odd year.

Depending on the year in which we were born, we will develop a predisposition in our character that will develop along the way of our life. We are not talking about superstitions or esotericism, but about astrology, numerology and philosophy that for centuries have yielded data to draw conclusions.

It has always been said that destiny is already written and that, although we can try to deceive him, in the end he always ends up redirecting us.

But that destiny is not written in words, but in numbers. And the numbers know how to speak and explain themselves. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a baby and you do not want to leave anything to chance and you want to know how your little one will be if he is born in an odd year, from our site we tell you seven characteristics that you will soon discover in him or her.

1. Very creative children
Putting your feet on the ground and being practical is not your thing. They have the gift of imagination, a talent that everyone would like to have, but that is only reserved for the chosen ones.

If your child is from odd year it sure transits between reality and fiction. For this reason, we must help him to develop all his creative talent, but be careful! He will live on the tightrope of emotional instability and his changes in his mood can create him self-confidence issues.

2. They seek inner peace
To the born in odd year they are attracted to the spiritual world. Magic, ideals and beliefs are his thing. They are contemplatives and great observers who like to understand and make sense of the things that happen around them. Thus, the aura that accompanies them provides balance to find their inner peace.

3. Extremely familiar
These suckers help establish harmony in the home. Your family will always come first and it will be where you develop your full potential. Any excuse will always be good for a family celebration. Therefore, these little ones will always be loyal and loving.

4. Outgoing and very cheerful
The science of numerology tells us that odd numbers are solar. For them, children born in an odd year will be a source of energy that will give life to those close to them. This leads them to be outgoing, bright and cheerful, which means that your little one can end up becoming the king of the party.

5. Born leader
These little ones like to influence others, be the center of attention, and gain recognition from society. For this reason, even without intending it, they end up guiding the group that surrounds them, always seeking to improve themselves and giving the best of themselves. However, in their search for excellence they can end up being very critical of those who accompany them.

6. Very practical
Since ancient times, religion, astrology and philosophy have treated the number 1 as masculine, being the first they have equated it with man. Meanwhile, the 2 and the pair were related to the feminine.

This myth, legend or interpretation today, in the XXI century, still has its followers. Being masculine helps children of odd years to find balance with their most creative part, since it provides them with traits of rigor, routine, decision, realism ... those that define practical people.

7. They are electric children
They move and act on impulse. Reflection and thinking before acting do not go much with them. His thing is to be dynamic and to be in continuous movement. For this reason, they love changes, being different at all times and living permanently in transformation. Long live the adventure!

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