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Letter to the Magi from parents

Letter to the Magi from parents

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Dear wise men...

Can you imagine that parents could write our letter to the Magi? What would you ask for? Toys for your child? Any special need? Any important wish? Something for you? Let me guess. Any of these, perhaps?

Dear wise men...

1. Above all I want may my children be happy and that they also seek the happiness of others. I don't care who they decide to be with, or what profession they choose tomorrow. The political sign they decide to follow or their soccer team colors. To be happy. No more.

2. May my children be strong and honest so they know how to deal with life's obstacles. Don't get too stumbled. The righteous to learn.

3. I ask you for a little more empathy to better read the feelings of my children. Know when they need my support and when they need to be alone.

4. When my children stop believing in you, I want them to continue writing their letter. That they never lose the illusion, nor faith for something. May they never stop dreaming. Not to believe.

5. I ask you for that fair measure between protection and freedom so that they can learn for themselves. It is often difficult not to be too permissive or too demanding. That is why I ask you to be flexible and at the same time know how to impose rules so that they do not get lost and feel disoriented.

6. I would also like to be able to treat all children equally without one feeling jealous of the other. It sounds easy, but it is not. It's terribly difficult for me. I wish I could unfold, but I can't.

7. That my children learn to love each other how they are. Don't want what you don't have. That can make them terribly unhappy. That is why I ask you to learn to value what you have and to have enough self-esteem to accept yourself as you are. That they know how to say No when necessary.

8. I ask you that they do not have too many material gifts. I'm going to look like a bad mother, but I think the important thing is precisely what cannot be held in your hands. Of those, if I ask you a lot, many gifts. As many as possible to bring.

9. That they learn to take advantage of difficulties to grow in life. Never let go of discouragement or lose your smile.

10. And yes, a little time for me would not be bad. A little of that time that others have to spare, to be able to relax, read, go for a walk. Stay with your friends. Go to the movies! (Do not count the times we go to see cartoon movies).

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