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Pregnancy symptoms. Signs that indicate you are pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms. Signs that indicate you are pregnant

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¿How do you know if you are pregnant? Surely you have asked yourself this question more than once, when you are still not sure if it is a delay in your period or you have become pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and do not occur all at once. Some women notice nothing different or no noticeable change.

However, even if you don't feel discomfort, dizziness or nausea, there is something that makes us think about a certain possibility of pregnancy. The most reliable test is the pregnancy test, which with a simple urine sample, can determine in just 3 minutes if there is a hormone called chorionic gonadotropin in your urine that ensures pregnancy.

However, before running to the pharmacy for your pregnancy test, self-evaluate to see if you have at least one of these symptoms, which indicate a recent pregnancy:

  1. The first sign that constitutes the most obvious symptom of pregnancy is amenorrhea or absence of the rule. A delay of a week, you are regular or more, if you are irregular in your menstrual cycles, it sets off all the alarms.
  2. Breast engorgement is the next symptom with which you may suspect that you are pregnant. And it is that the chorionic gonadotropin hormone is also responsible for secreting estrogens and progesterone to maintain pregnancy, which influence the state of the breasts, producing breast engorgement with feelings of swelling, pain, and tenderness.
  3. The third group of characteristic symptoms of a possible pregnancy are related to the Stomach ache which begins to produce hormonal changes. Abdominal pain, similar to those that occur during menstruation, constipation, desire or loathing for food and smells, due to changes in taste is a reality, and nausea and vomiting typical of the first trimester of pregnancy are a reality for many future moms. All these strange discomforts and sensations are due to hormones, which produce hypersensitivity in the senses and thus some smells will be perceived as pleasant and others strangely unpleasant. The food that you used to like will now make you nauseous and you will feel a special predilection for some foods, which you did not taste before.
  4. Morning nausea and vomiting, in some cases can occur throughout the day, something similar happens. As a solution, it is recommended to eat 5 small meals a day so as not to fill the stomach.
  5. But, if there is something that accompanies the beginning of pregnancy, it is sleep, fatigue and the desire to get into bed. It is normal to feel a need for sleep and great fatigue due to the amount of hormones that the body is generating. This exhaustion can in turn be linked to a feeling of dizziness or vertigo, produced by certain drops in blood sugar. Bringing some cookies or candy can be the solution to avoid fainting.
  6. And not to forget anything, we also have to talk about the desire to urinate that occurs during the first three months of pregnancy, due to the growth of the uterus and the pressure it exerts on the bladder.

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