A special letter from the Magi to children

A special letter from the Magi to children

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Not only physical gifts, that is, toys, clothes, ... can make children happy and happy. There are presents, beyond the need to buy them, which can help children to be more engaged and happy.

I know some parents who maintain tradition, years ago, to hang in the refrigerator of his house, a letter from the Magi to his 5 children.

It is not a letter specifying the toy that will be given to each one on Three Kings Day, nor is it a letter of reproaches or scolding, it is a message that highlights above all values like friendship, patience, kindness, and togetherness.

As every year, in the last letter with which I illustrate this post, the Kings address each child with a gift that is nothing more than advice.

For example, for David, the kings ask for a little more than maturity; for Gabriel, Ana and Cristina, that they help each other and collaborate more in the housework; and for Pablo, the youngest, 20 little words with consonants.

And so with everyone, including parents, whom the Kings ask for patience and joy.

It is actually a personalized letter to each of the family, and personified by Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. It would be interesting that in a time when there are so many children who have everything, and so many children who have absolutely nothing, that we put a bit of meaning to the feast of the Magi, and we focus on what really matters: the feelings, the family, the union, the respect and the hope. We could use nothing bad.

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