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Children need to know what their parents expect of them

Children need to know what their parents expect of them

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Each home, each family ... has its rules and limits, but there are universal responsibilities, habits and customs that are very important for parents to teach and demand of their children, so that they know what is expected of them. My parents always had very clear rules in my house. For example: my brothers and I have never slept fighting; We have never started eating before everyone was seated at the table; We always had to pray before going to sleep and ask for the blessing of our parents ... and thus a lot of little rules that today we pass on to our children.

To get children to respect family rules, it is advisable to repeat them as many times as necessary or until the children learn and assimilate them. Habits like brushing teeth, washing hands before meals, doing homework, bathing, going to bed… should be repeated every day.

There are parents who, with the excuse that they do not have time or that they are tired, stop correcting or demanding their children. Do you know what will happen to that? Well, children will grow up without paying attention to the rules and without applying them to their day to day. Do not stop correcting, insisting and educating your children. If necessary, repeat an order a thousand times. The important thing is that the child makes it a habit or habit.

Parents must educate children to respect the limits and rules imposed at home, from the earliest age. Should children obey and follow school rules? Well, it's the same. It is not about being an authoritarian father or mother, but about having authority over your children. There are some tricks for parents to demand that their children respect their rules, without sounding like a threat or repression.

- Apply discipline and limits to children. Be firm and persistent. You should not give in to the crying or tantrums of the little ones.

- Educate the will of children. Not doing everything they want.

- Give the example. If you don't want your kids to yell at you, don't yell at them.

- Be a father and mother. Not just friend.

- Determine and apply consequences for when the child does not obey or follow the rules.

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