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Innocent to do at home with the children

Innocent to do at home with the children

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In ChristmasThere are many special dates to celebrate, from Christmas Eve, through Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. However, before the expected New Years Eve and days before the arrival of the wise men, there is another magical day to enjoy as a family: the Day of the Innocents.

This celebration of December 28th dates back to the Old Testament, where the king Herod had all the babies in Jerusalem murdered in order to take the life of the Messiah.

To honor all those blameless souls, the Day of the Innocents with jokes for the most naive. Nothing better than celebrating it as a family with the children.

1. Fake eggs for cooking: Many professional cooks have 'fallen' for these jokes, and it can be a lot of fun for children when they are waiting for someone to start cooking.

These lie eggs, which seem like it but are not, can be bought in stores or Christmas rakes at low prices. In addition, they can be reused to make a fun, very original Christmas nativity scene.

2. Toothpaste who sleeps: One of the oldest jokes is to paint the face of someone who is sleeping and does not realize it. How fun it is toothpaste is that it can itch the skin or be annoying after a few seconds. The person who is sleeping will wake up bewildered without knowing what happened, shouting: innocent, innocent!

3. The bill with the thread and the fake coin: Who has not seen a coin on the floor of the house or on the street and has thrown himself for it? The same happens with a ticket. To make it more fun, you can buy coins with magnet that stay 'glued to the ground' and so it is much more fun to see the reaction of the 'innocent' in question when trying to take it. The same happens with a bill that is tied to a thread, and from which the person making the joke will pull to see how the other goes after the money without success.

4. Figures of innocents on the back:The symbol of April Fool's Day is the relief of a person in white, and the most classic joke is to 'stick' these paper cutouts on the back of the naive who do not know. Thus, they will go down the street without knowing that they have been 'victims' of December 28.

5. Swapping sugar for salt in yogurt and coffee: It is an excessively easy trick, but a lot of fun. Kids will laugh when they swap sugar for a family member's coffee for salt, something that will surprise anyone who tries it. The 'innocent' will not believe what they are eating and will not identify the taste until the children tell them.

6. The lottery joke: If there is something that has to do with Christmas, it is the lottery draw. Making someone else believe that they have won money in the draw, or that we have won, can be fun for a few minutes to check their face of satisfaction.

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