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Danger of putting amber necklaces on babies for tooth pain

Danger of putting amber necklaces on babies for tooth pain

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You may have seen them on social networks, since many celebrities have tried to use them with their children. Amber jewelry has become fashionable for its supposed effects to reduce the pain of the teeth of the little ones. However, there are several experts who speak about the danger of putting amber necklaces on babies.

Sadly, on more than one occasion we have been able to read media headlines from all over the world telling that a child has died when using one of these accessories. An 18-month-old baby who was accidentally strangled during a nap; another of 7 who swallowed one of the pieces that make up the necklace and had to be rushed to the hospital ...

That is why the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised against the use of teething necklaces in children. Faced with the increasing use of these accessories to, supposedly, soothe the pain that teeth come out in children, the FDA has issued a statement warning that they can result a baby safety hazard. It refers to both amber, wooden, silicone or ivory necklaces, as well as other products such as sensory stimulation bracelets. And it is that this type of jewelry is also used to stimulate children or adults with autism or ADHD.

According to this body, these necklaces are a risk because can cause injury, accidental strangulation, or suffocation, which can cause the death of the child. On the one hand, it must be taken into account that the necklace can break, even if it is made of very resistant materials, and the small beads or balls of which it is made could be within reach of the baby. These could cause you to choke by getting stuck in your small throat.

However, the collar could also cause strangulation of the baby while playing or sleeping, since in a bad movement it could become entangled with the cord. The FDA also warns that there could be infections in the mouth in the event that the child sucks on the collar without being clean.

On the other hand, the agency adds that the effectiveness of this type of necklaces has not been proven, so it cannot be guaranteed that they help to calm the tooth pain of babies. Instead of using this type of product, other types of relief are recommended, such as gum massages or semi-firm rubber teethers (always taking extreme hygiene measures).

If your child's gums hurt a lot or the teeth are turning into a real nightmare, we recommend that you take him to the pediatrician's office to recommend the best way to relieve your baby.

This amber necklace is not the only product that doctors have advised against for the little ones. Without the intention of being alarmist, it never hurts that parents inform ourselves well to avoid risks. These are some products that you should avoid with your little ones.

1. Toys that are not approved
Never offer your children toys that are not approved by an official body that has been in charge of studying whether it is a safe object for a baby. They may contain pieces that are easily detached or broken that your child could swallow.

2. The pillows
Experts advise against the use of pillows with babies, as well as cushions or stuffed animals that are placed in the crib while the child sleeps. These could fall on their head at some point in the night (or the child himself could move) and prevent them from breathing well. You also have to be careful with crib bumpers, since the little ones could get tangled in their cords.

3. Gate jumpers
Babies love those jump swings that are placed in the doorframe and we parents love to see them laugh and have fun. However, the baby could be injured if he is not well anchored or when he bumps in one of the jumps.

4. Toys for cars
So that they do not bother us during trips or trips by car, many parents give different toys to children. However, in case of accidents, these could become a dangerous weapon for the baby himself and for the rest of the passengers in the car, since he could be thrown in any direction.

When it comes to our babies, all measures of protection are little.

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