How to recognize the strengths and virtues of children

How to recognize the strengths and virtues of children

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All parents want the best for our children but nevertheless, many parents forget to promote it in an appropriate way because children have to discover their talents but parents must recognize them and guide the little ones so that they are able to achieve all their successes .

The virtues can be many and varied but there are studies that focus on dividing them and grouping the virtues and strengths of people in reduced lists. But today I don't want to classify your virtues and strengths in a scheme like those studies do because it seems too abstract and generic to me.

I am going to explain to you how to recognize the virtues and strengths of children regardless of what they are, so that the little ones feel that they can achieve much more by feeling the unconditional parental support.

Parents will first have to understand that children's virtues and strengths do not always have to be how they want them to be, because although the parents' duty is to guide their children, they must not be shaped, they must be discovered.

There are children who excel in mathematics, others in music, others in sports, others stand out for their generosity, others for their tolerance ... each child is different and not all should excel academically, in sports, in art, etc. There are also children who excel in the world of emotions and this must also be enhanced, they can even excel in various things! That is to say in skills and emotions.

Be that as it may, what is important is that parents discover the virtues and strengths of the little ones and that in addition to enhancing them, they also respect them (although parents do not think that is good because they had in mind another type of 'future' for their sons).

Once you discover where the little one stands out the most, it is important to support them unconditionally so that they feel motivated, that they see that the parents are by their side to encourage them, so that if they make a mistake they see that nothing happens that there are always more opportunities to improve because what matters is to be constant and persistent in order to achieve all the goals.

In addition, I also want to make the parents who are reading me reflect so that they change their speech when they refer to their children, because that will also help the little ones to enhance everything they have inside how to do this? Very simple, it is so easy how to convert the virtues of children into what society often sees as defects, for example instead of calling a child 'stubborn' you can use the term 'determined', instead of calling him ' heavy 'can be called' tenacious' ... and so many examples as children with wonderful personalities as there are in the world.

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