Why you should choose your child's name before he is born

Why you should choose your child's name before he is born

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The world is divided into two types of people: those who have planned from childhood what they are going to call their children and those who rush until the last second to make up their minds. I must admit that several names have been swirling in my head for some time, although I have not made the decision yet.

What I am very clear about is that I have to choose my son's name before he is born. Because, if you stop to think, there are many advantages of knowing what your baby is going to be called before the expected moment of seeing his face for the first time. And I want to enjoy all of them.

1. Strengthen the bond between mother and child
The first and most powerful reason to know how soon the little one in your belly will be called is to begin to create a very special bond between mother and child. Whether or not you are clear about how you are going to put it, it is obvious that you are going to create a bond with your baby, especially considering that you carry it inside. However, when you can call him by his name you connect much more to him.

2. The father feels closer to the child
Choosing the baby's name before it is born will also help the father to get closer to the little one. Since he is not lucky enough to feel you for 24 hours, choosing a name will make him feel more involved. After all, the choice of name must be a consensual decision between the two of you.

3. You start to create your identity
Having already chosen your baby's name, you can imagine his identity. Little by little, as the weeks and months go by, you will get to know him better and better: what he likes, when he wants to move, if he is naughty or quiet ... And these features of his way of being will be associated with a Name; to your baby's name. There is nothing more exciting!

4. To improve the bad times
Pregnancy is not a bed of roses and there are times when you have a hard time, both emotionally and physically. Having a name for your baby will remind you who you are doing all this for, you will humanize the lump that has appeared on your body and you will realize again that absolutely everything is worth it.

5. You can customize your room
Once you have chosen your child's name, you will want to hear it and see it in every corner of your house: at the door of your room, in the ultrasounds you have framed, in the mouths of your relatives when they ask you how you are ... You will think that you have gone crazy because that name, which used to be one of the name guides, is now the most beautiful in the universe.

6. You will have a margin to regret
Imagine that, when you start using it with your baby, you realize that that name you have chosen is very difficult to pronounce. What if it finally doesn't sound as good as you thought? What if, suddenly, you find a better one? Your baby has not yet been born, so you have time to rectify.

It is clear that choosing early how you are going to call your little one has advantages, so here are some tips to keep in mind when making this decision.

- Start early, so you don't feel like time is running out and you still don't have a name chosen. Don't feel pressure but take your homework seriously, because it's very important. Remember that your child will carry the name you give him throughout his life (unless you choose very badly and decide to change it when he is older). You have an important job on your hands!

- Say out loud the name you like along with the surnames that the child will have. Sounds good? If the answer is positive, you are on the right track.

- Listen to the ideas of your loved ones, because they can serve as inspiration, but in the end you have to be the ones who choose, regardless of whether your mother has told you that she does not like that name or that your mother-in-law has asked / demanded that you call your son after his favorite singer.

- If you have decided not to know the sex of your baby, have several names in mind ... just in case! Even knowing it, it never hurts have a choice in the bedroom in case your baby gives you a surprise at birth.

- Keep in mind the meaning of the name and its origin. Many times these data can be surprising and very interesting to make the decision.

By the way, now that you are waiting for your baby to arrive in the world, you have to take a look at the different calculators related to pregnancy that we have in All of them will help you to get an idea of ​​how your baby is developing inside you week by week and to calculate dates as important as the day it was conceived or the day it is going to be born. They will be very useful to you.

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