When kid's nicknames turn into bullying or bullying

When kid's nicknames turn into bullying or bullying

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Nicknames are those nicknames that are used to refer to others focusing on a particular characteristic. These appear without any offensive intention but, generally, they end up annoying those who receive them because they are usually based on labels that highlight physical or behavioral defects, becoming degrading.

When nicknames are used to refer to others aggressively, and it is done continuously, this type of behavior can be considered to be bullying. Therefore, parents and teachers must know when kid's nicknames turn into bullyingto be very attentive.

Many times this behavior is not due to any specific motivation of the harasser towards the harassed, but the truth is that it gives rise to negative and, sometimes, excessive consequences due to the 'snowball' effect that occurs if it is not intervened before. These are:

1. Low self-esteem
Nicknames generate an identity. Children begin to have a distorted and damaged image of themselves.

2. School failure
Children who are bullied lose interest in studies and avoid going to school.

3. They acquire phobias
Fear of everything: sleeping alone, leaving the house, etc.

4. Depression
Children begin to feel bad and not trust anyone.

5. Passive attitude
They don't care about anything or anyone.

6. Constant changes in your mood
Nightmares, night terrors, etc.

Studies show that large numbers of children are constantly bullied or bullied, but most cases still go unnoticed.

Bullying scenarios are often omitted when nicknames are used. And it is that, generally it does not differ when nicknames are used to joke and when they are used to humiliate the other. When pranks are made, it is being used as a social sharing tool. It is a way in which the little ones They learn to cope with and know how to handle constructive criticism.

When jokes are affective, they will help to face criticism in a positive way, in addition to creating bonds. Jokes are also used to influence the other. In this way the behavior of the group to which the children belong is modeled. This kind of guas They are harmless and their only purpose is communication.

The problem comes when joking is confused with verbal harassment. In this case, it will no longer be a way to network or create a group of friends. It will be the opposite. The goal will be to hurt the 'victim' and make the stalker feel more powerful.

It all starts with a negative joke. If the joke annoys the 'victim', the one who makes it, that is, the 'joker' usually stops. But, if the joke persists, it is repeated over time and the intention is to intimidate, the joke will immediately be considered harassment.

It is important that there is a positive environment having to do with the communication of emotions. In other words, active listening and empathy are encouraged in order to establish a solid base to face conflicts that may arise.

For this, both children and adults in their environment should carry out some recommendations.

Children should:

- Show respect towards others, and demand the same in return.

- Mark limits with their peers.

- Learn to manage your emotions so that there is a good coexistence with others.

- Work self-esteem. Knowing that you are neither better nor worse than the rest.

The adults in your environment should:

- Be an example, do not address children with labels and nicknames that they do not like.

- Help self-esteem work. Most of the time the nicknames are in reference to physical defects of the other. If this occurs, adults must make the child understand that he and his personality are much more than a physical description.

- Help the child to be assertive. That is, to defend their rights without imposing anything on others.

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