Sayings for children on New Years and Christmas

Sayings for children on New Years and Christmas

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Before the Internet and the information society existed, popular wisdom invented phrases based on their experiences, in which events that occurred throughout the year were explained and predicted: the weather, the sowing season, moral values, behavior, teachings for children, customs of different cultures ... And now that these dates are coming, we can't stop picking up some Sayings for children related to the New Year and Christmas.

Sayings collect all that popular lore in one sentence. Through the centuries they have gone trespassing from generation to generation as vital and deeply rooted teachings in our culture. Do you know all these? And your children?

In We make you a compilation of the sayings for children most conducive to the New Year. This popular wisdom refers to everything that the new year will bring us and everything that we left behind in the year that we have passed.

- Year of snow, year of goods
This saying means that if the year starts with snow, the rest of the year will go well financially.

- Gardener year, more straw than grain
If it rains too much at the beginning of the year, the grain fields will be spoiled.

- Bad year enters swimming
If it rains a lot during New Years, the rest of the year will be rainy.

- New Year New Life
We must not carry away the problems of the past. With the new year we hope to start over.

- Until Christmas day there is no real winter
It doesn't start to get cold until Christmas Day.

- Whoever you see in espadrilles for Christmas, do not ask how they are doing
If someone is wearing house slippers during those times it is because either they do not have money to go out, or they do not have a job.

- Do not praise or delabor until seven Christmases
You don't really know anyone until 7 years have passed.

- For Christmas, sun, for Easter, coal
The homemade weather forecast says that if it is sunny at Christmas, there will be rains at Easter.

- Christmas on Sunday, sell the oxen and put it in wheat
If Christmas falls on a Sunday, leave livestock and dedicate yourself to agriculture because that year will be better for sowing.

- Christmas on Tuesdays, parties everywhere
If December 25 falls on a Tuesday, the rest of the year there will be many parties.

- If it's Christmas on Monday, you have to find riches
If Christmas falls on Monday, you'll be lucky with money.

- Christmas on Friday, sow where you can
If Christmas falls on Friday, you must sow the field a lot that year.

- Garlic for Christmas, neither born nor to be sown
At Christmas the garlic has not yet been born, nor can it be sown.

- Until Christmas comes, do not start pruning
You shouldn't prune before December.

- For Easter lamb meat, for Christmas chicken coop
During Christmas, chicken coops are usually eaten, while lamb is eaten at Easter.

- For Christmas each sheep to its corral
At Christmas each one usually goes home.

- Until Christmas, neither hunger nor cold will pass
Until the Christmas dates arrive you will not be cold or hungry.

- Christmas oven has no rest
It refers to everything that is cooked during those dates.

- For Christmas, happy is he who sees his home
We must be happy to be able to return for Christmas to be with the family.

Have you learned all these Christmas and New Year sayings? Well done! And it is that, in reality, making children participate in these popular sayings has many advantages.

- They acquire new knowledge
Although they seem very short and meaningless sentences, sayings offer children a lot of new knowledge. And the thing is, many of them talk about harvests, the climate, the natural cycle of plants ... And many others transmit very important values ​​such as solidarity.

- They favor memory
When children make the effort to learn proverbs, they are exercising their minds. Memory is practiced, so sayings can become a very useful game to get your head going.

- They learn new vocabulary
When children learn proverbs, they know new words that help them expand their vocabulary. In addition, they are usually words that are not used on a daily basis, which gives them a special baggage.

- We give them a little treasure of our culture
Sayings are something like a small treasure that we treasure and that are passed from generation to generation. When we teach them the popular sayings, we embark on the mission of preserving that piece of our culture for even more years.

- We infect them with the Christmas spirit
In the case of all these sayings that talk about Christmas and the New Year, we manage to infect children with the magical spirit of Christmas.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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