Forbidden baby names in Spain

Forbidden baby names in Spain

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In Spain, until a few years ago only Christian names were allowed. Today the Kevin, Jennifer and Jonnathan coexist with the Josés, Manueles and Martas of all their lives, without being strange.

However, since some parents can be extremely original, the registration of names in the Civil Registry is regulated. These are the forbidden names for babies in Spain.

In Spain, the names of babies are regulated based on the law of June 8, 1957 of the Civil Registry, which has been updated on several occasions to adapt to the new times and to accept new names and abbreviations that were not previously available. allowed.

Be that as it may, to prevent some parents with a somewhat strange sense of humor from putting names that violate the child's dignity, there are several rules when naming babies:

  • You can not put more than two simple names or one compound, that is, the Juan Antonio de Todos los Santos, or the Maria Ángeles Purificación Sagrario were finished. In these cases, parents are required to choose two names and not one more.
  • Names that may have negative connotations or may violate the dignity of the child are not accepted. Thus names like Hitler, Cain, Judas, Stalin or Osama Bin Laden are not allowed by Spanish law. They are names whose religious, political or social connotations can cause harm to the child and be the object of ridicule and ridicule by others.
  • It is not possible to register the child with any acronym, that is, you cannot form a word from acronyms or abbreviations, such as Gamepa, Musapre, or Maperfe. Despite the fact that in Spain they like to give shops, restaurants or other businesses names that mix the name of the partners, such as MarFer (from María and Fernando) or GeJu (Gemma and Juan), this is not applicable to babies.
  • It is possible that they can put problems in the Civil Registry if you decide to put your baby the name of some capital like Madrid, Munich or London. They are beautiful names, yes, but each name for its own.
  • Fruit names are not accepted either: Pera Jiménez, Mango García or Mandarina Sanchez are not names that we will find registered in the Civil Registry.
  • If you are going to register your baby in Spain, you should know that you will not be able to give him full names that are famous, for example Ana Karenina, but you will be able to do it if a known name is formed with your surname. For example, if your last name is Fuertes, you can put your baby Gloria, as Gloria Fuertes, and your daughter may even dedicate herself to poetry as Gloria Fuertes. You can even put Dolores on it, although it sounds as hilarious as Dolores Fuertes, but in this case, the parentage is determined and there is nothing to do.

In short, the proper name is something that can be freely chosen by parents, indeed, it is a right, and laws are adapting to the times to accept that girls bear boys' names, such as Alex or that old surnames like Lobo or Vega can be names.

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