34 dictations for first grade children, fun and varied!

34 dictations for first grade children, fun and varied!

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Dictations have many benefits for the little ones in the house: they help them to improve their writing, to improve their reading comprehension, to learn to write all the words correctly ... In addition, it is an excellent reinforcement material. Hence, many teachers look for texts that they can read to their students according to their level. In Guiainfantil.com we propose a great variety of fun dictations for first grade children that will support your spelling lessons.

How many dictations should they do a week? How many words? What texts to tell them that are of interest to them? Very easy. With one every day from Monday to Friday will be more than enough. To encourage boys and girls to dictate, look for attractive texts and that, in addition, they are according to their age in length, vocabulary and spelling rules that work.

If they are just starting elementary school, very long dictation exercises are proposed to them, they will end up getting bored and hating this task. So let's start at the beginning. Here are some how many dictations for first year elementary school students. Which of them will be your favorite?

Children of 5, 6 and 7 years old often find it difficult to distinguish between simple r and double r, even more so when writing and reading, so they have to practice it with dictations. These are some of the ones we propose to you. We recommend that you read them to children exaggerating the pronunciation of the r, so that in this way they become aware of your presence. Little by little they will learn it and you will be able to dictate in a more natural way.

1 Ramón and Rita are two good friends. One likes to play the guitar and the other likes to play Parcheesi. But what they like the most is playing pirates together.

2 Raúl is very fond of dogs, but his mother is terrified so she told him to have a mouse, but Raúl says he wants a puppy.

3 In the tower lives a frog who likes to jump over the vine, but when Parro the dog scares him, she whispers "silence".

It will be from the second year of primary school when they see more in detail capitalization, but to get into the subject we propose these fun dictations.

4 This weekend I'm going to the country. I'm sure I have a great time. I'm going to play ball and eat cake. On Sunday to sleep early because on Monday you have to go to school.

5 My sister's name is Sandra, she likes to play in the park a lot. My cousin is called Tomás and he is very naughty. My father and my grandfather are called Pedro and they are very good. My mother's name is Iris and she works in an office. I was called Adrián and I love all of them very much.

6 María and Pedro live in Barcelona. They are friends and they like to play dress-up with Violeta.

7 I live in Córdoba but this weekend I have been visiting Buenos Aires. I have gone to a very nice park and bought a book called The Curious Fox.

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This type of letter tends to cost a lot to children in first grade because of its complexity. Doing a dictation a day like the ones we show you here will be very useful, since they will learn to distinguish its use.

8 The other day my parents bought strawberries at the greengrocer, it is my favorite fruit.

9 I prefer to eat profiteroles. My teacher says that fruit is healthier, but I don't like it very much.

10 The dragon ate the raspberry in one bite and left nothing for the princess. Luckily the prince came and brought strawberries.

Distinguishing between c and z will be very easy for elementary school children if they make dictations like the ones we show you here. They are short sentences in which there are many words with these letters, which will help them to work and learn when to use one or the other. a task that they will also practice in the following elementary grades.

11 My shoes are blue, I bought them the other day. Also, I have a light blue sweater and a navy blue bow that my aunt Celia gave me.

12 Running shoes, dress shirt, bike helmet and clogs for the weekend.

13 The cockatoo, the fox and the chameleon play Parcheesi in Cinderella's house.

14 I'm going to drink juice out of a big blue mug.

Read these dictations to the children several times a week and put a lot of emphasis on the sounds so that they realize the difference between them. We propose you some dictations that contain words with the 'ch' sound.

15 I like to eat sweets, chocolate and chicha, although my mother says that it is better to eat vegetables every day.

16 The monkey Chita is a friend of Tarzan, together they have churros and a delicious chistorra dinner.

17 Chorizo ​​and shampoo, I have already written the shopping list.

The single l and the double it gives rise to many errors if its correct use is not learned, with these dictations the problem will be solved.

18 It's not raining today, the sun has risen bright yellow, so I put on my skinny pants to go for a walk.

19 The girl cries because she cannot take the keys that are on the table.

20 Call your aunt and tell her to remember to raise the yellow key.

Primary school boys and girls will learn little by little to differentiate between c and q and to help them in this work we have these pleasant dictations. They will like them because they are so much fun. As a complementary activity, we suggest that you ask your students to illustrate the dictation according to what counts.

21 Carmen has brought a racket to school. He wants to play, but the teacher has told him that he better use the kite because he is still small to use the racket.

22 Quique, Celia and Carlos want to be footballers and they also want to score a lot of goals, but at the moment they only know how to shoot hard.

23 I want cheese for dinner, chocolate for dessert, and an ear of corn for tomorrow.

Knowing if a word is written with g or j is a matter of practice, and the children have the following primary courses to acquire all the knowledge. However, from the first we can introduce some words to them so they can learn them. It is time to make some dictation of what we propose below.

24 Javier has a goldfinch in his house that sings a lot.

25 When the clock strikes six, I stop painting and start playing.

26 Autumn leaves are brown, Jesus collects some and puts them in his favorite box.

27 Jaime, Jacinta and Jimena paint a pretty giraffe on a sheet of paper.

Perfect dictation exercises for primary school students to learn to use the letter g correctly. As with j, first graders cannot be expected to know all the words with g, but these dictations will allow you to practice.

28 The cat sings, the cap flies off and the giralda turns on its light.

29 Thank you all. My sister really liked her sunglasses.

30 The gorilla eats cookies and mango while the gluttonous gull waters the rough seaweed.

Read one of these popular poems to the children and tell them to write it slowly. Once he has finished, suggest that he memorize it. Will reinforce memory, writing and concentration.

31 With half a newspaper

I made a paper boat

in the fountain of my house

I made it navigate very well.

Fragment of "The paper boat" (Loved nerve)

32 I'm a fly

I want to get married

with a mosquito

who knows how to fly.

Fragment of "The fly and the mosquito" (Gloria Fuertes)

33 Four Walls

has the college.

Children scream reluctantly

lessons, songs and prayers,

while the empty yard

repeats the echo.

On the black slate

uncertain lines,

and in a corner he puts a map

dusty colors.

Fragment of "The school" (José Manuel de Lara)

comes out only if it's sunny,

Well, he doesn't like a hair

let it rain rain from heaven.

"It is a dry snail",

explains to everyone his brother.

"Dreams night and day

with living in Almería ”.

Fragment of "Manolito caracol" (Carmen Gil)

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