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Traditional Christmas song: Riu Riu Chiu

Traditional Christmas song: Riu Riu Chiu

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Christmas songs or carols are one of the Christmas traditions that children like the most. Thus, has gone to Kolbe Music School by Villanueva de la Cañada in Madrid (Spain), to record, under the direction of Professor Pedro Álvarez Sánchez, a popular Christmas carol from Castilla y León entitled "Riu Riu Chiu".

Discover the magic of typical Christmas songs through these eight-year-old children. And by the way, meet other Christmas songs.

To Bethlehem, To BethlehemShepherds to BethlehemThey touch Bethlehem with fire
At 12 pmAdeste FidelesAt the edge of midnight
Glad i comeJoyLittle tree
Arre borriquitoAy, del ChiquirritínWhite Christmas
Bell over BellSinging go the shepherdsCarrasclás
Jingle BellTell me boy whose are youFir
The donkey of BethlehemThe big-eared burritoThe drummer
SleighLittle Star of BethlehemMerry Christmas
Fum, fum, fumGatatumba grave graveGlory
A donkey goes to BethlehemThe marimorenaThe bell ringers
The shepherds, alsa bayonaThe fish in the riverThe three wise men
Mother at the doorChristmas, ChristmasSilent Night
Shepherds comeA tambourine soundsLet's go to Bethlehem
Carol YaucanoThe old woman is comingKings are coming

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Video: Riu Riu Chiu (June 2022).


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