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How do you congratulate your children on Christmas?

How do you congratulate your children on Christmas?

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Christmas is coming and it's time teach your children to congratulate the holidays. Until recently, Christmas greeting cards, the famous Christmas, were the stars of our best wishes to friends and family during the holidays. They were placed on the Christmas tree, around the Nativity scene, on the sideboard or on the table in the living room to keep in mind that our loved ones remember us in this special moment.

If something caught my attention, it was the custom to congratulate the holidays with a family photograph. All the members of the entire family or only the children appeared posing in their best clothes and with their great wishes for peace and happiness, stamped by hand and in ink, they crossed the Atlantic and came to us.

For me, it was a way of seeing my brothers and the rest of my family, that that year they couldn't come home for Christmas either, but it seemed that with that photo they were closer and that, somehow, you had seen them.

Today, new technologies have even changed the way of greeting Christmas. Greeting cards, on cardboard, are now digital and sent by email, and the most daring even move and tell a little story.

The photographs of our relatives have given way to videos, and now our loved ones congratulate us on Christmas with image and sound, live and direct. The Christmas greetings are made by videoconference, by phone or by SMS and are full of messages of happiness, love, affection and wishes of luck and prosperity.

And the best thing is that they are immediate. The magic of Christmas remains the same, but it has adapted to the new times by closing the gap between loved ones. Now, there is nothing better than talking to my brothers and my nephews after finishing drinking the grapes on New Year's Eve and watching them toast with us or sing a Christmas carol, attending the Christmas party at the school in Madrid from my computer screen. my goddaughter or send my friends our best wishes for next year on video.

We are excited to think about what they have prepared for this Christmas and we are all surprised and have more fun with the new creative opportunities that new technologies offer us. And you, how do you congratulate Christmas? Have you already signed up for Christmas cyber messages? Are your children the protagonists of your best wishes for next year?

If you have an original way to congratulate your children on Christmas with your friends and family, share it with us and tell us about it through our official Facebook page.

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