How is the brain of children with ugly handwriting or doctor's handwriting

How is the brain of children with ugly handwriting or doctor's handwriting

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I don't know about you, but I see them and I wish them to understand my children's handwriting. It is true that they are still small and have to improve a lot, but they are on the way to having a handwriting as illegible as their mother's.

However, it seems that we should not worry so much that children have the ugly handwriting or doctor's handwriting, and it is that some researchers and studies recognize that they are smarter and have greater mental agility than those with impeccable handwriting.

We have found several studies, such as the one carried out by the University of Illinois (which we invite you to read because it is very interesting), which states that people who have ugly handwriting have a higher IQ, the reason is very simple: your brain works faster than your hands.

The data for this study were collected from 105 teachers at the Worcester (Massachusetts) school. Each teacher sent 4 models of representative texts of their students based on 4 major categories:

- The children with better calligraphy.

- Children with the worst penmanship.

- Students with high mental abilities.

- Students with low mental abilities.

The data showed that the best handwriting was done by the "good" students, while the bad handwriting was done by the worst students. Likewise, they found that there was a higher percentage of girls with good handwriting than boys.

But the highlight is that this study revealed that having ugly handwriting is synonymous with having a fast thinking. They are people with an agile and quick mind.

And it is that, it was detected that for people with bad handwriting the information processed at that time was more important than the effort to put a nice letter. That mental agility, therefore, is reflected in the writing that is also fast, more imprecise, with some indefinite features and even abbreviations.

Howard Gardner, creator of the theory of multiple intelligences also supported this theory with his thesis, which states that the brain works faster than the hands. Howard Gardner assured that there is more than one way of learning and the differences that occur between children are due to multiple intelligences, that is, there is not only one intelligence but different ones that measure different areas or abilities.

Writing is a delicate and complicated task that requires a high level of coordination to develop. Few movements the child's hand is trained to are more difficult, and in no other example of manual training is inefficiency so evident.

Several circumstances can alter this correct learning:

- The early introduction of literacy. Every time we try to get children to learn to read and write sooner, however, doing it when their brains and motor skills are not yet ready can only hinder, delay and prevent good learning.

- Pressure the child: If the child does not have a very beautiful handwriting but we do nothing, both at home and at school, than to scold him and tell him how ugly his handwriting is and how bad he is doing, we will end up blocking the child and turning this task into hateful.

- Force him to write as we want: There are children who write with slanted letters, others are left-handed ... but if we try to make all the calligraphies show, we will be blocking the child's own personality.

I think it is important that children have legible letters and we help them achieve it, but more than that they have a letter to frame, it is important that they learn the spelling rules well, that they do not make grammatical mistakes and that they know how to explain it well in a text. that they pretend.

And, when in doubt, you know, the study says, children with ugly handwriting are smarter.

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