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Revolution in the way of taking folic acid and iodine in pregnant women

Revolution in the way of taking folic acid and iodine in pregnant women

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Pregnancy is a moment in a woman's life to enjoy, to feel, to enjoy, to delight herself… It is a unique and special experience, which must be squeezed to the maximum because it is never repeated again; in turn, it is a period in which the pregnant woman must take care of herself, pamper herself and review some daily habits to have a pregnancy and delivery without any setbacks and so that the baby has a correct development.

We speak, above all, of controlling and examining what we eat. As revealed in the report Milk as a vehicle for health in special physiological situations: pregnant woman, prepared by the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics and the Spanish and Ibero-American Nutrition Foundations, published in May of this year, the diet of Spanish pregnant women does not complies with the basic dietary guidelines, presenting deficiencies and imbalances that must be corrected. In addition, it states that only 50% of pregnant women comply with the recommendation of three daily servings of dairy (milk, yogurt, cheeses), when "milk and dairy have an irreplaceable role in the pregnant woman's diet due to their high nutritional quality, since they provide, among other nutrients, proteins of high biological value, calcium, vitamin D and vitamins of group B ". It is not a question of eating for two, as our grandmothers told us, or of going on a diet to stop the imminent weight gain, but of eating those foods that are beneficial for the mother and the child.

The meats, well done; the fruits, without skin, the vegetables, properly washed. These are some of the indications that experts give to pregnant women, but they are not the only ones: milk intake is recommended to cover the woman's specific energy and nutrient needs in these months. Milk, due to its physical-chemical characteristics and its ease and frequency of consumption, is an ideal vehicle for enriching and fortifying the diet with certain nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D or Omega-3 fatty acids.

During the nine months of pregnancy, the woman should also take high fiber foods, that promote intestinal transit and avoid the appearance of one of the most common discomforts during these months: possible episodes of constipation; folic acid, for the correct formation of the baby's neural tube; iodine, a nutrient that contributes to the functioning of the nervous and cognitive systems; Omega 3 EPA + DHA, an essential nutrient because it is part of the membranes of the brain and the retina; and calcium, which is involved in bone development and in the cell division process.

Puleva Mamá, a comfortable and pleasant help

Reaching specific nutritional needs during pregnancy, in a comfortable, healthy and delicious way, is already possible thanks to Puleva Mamá, a chocolate milk drink that helps to ensure the daily intake of calcium, omega-3 DHA, recommended vitamins and minerals at this stage, and whose formula has been reviewed by the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics. It has a comfortable format, compatible with the lifestyle of today's mothers and, unlike most supplements, it also contains fiber. In addition, it is a dairy, and this category of food is essential to meet the increased nutritional needs during this period.

According to the data available on the Puleva website, a 100 ml bottle of Puleva Mamá per day provides:

- 100% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of folic acid and iodine.

- 47% of the RDA of Omega 3 EPA + DHA

- 38% calcium, apart from being a source of fiber.

Although for a mother the well-being of her baby comes first, sometimes our lifestyle, work and many other factors make it difficult to have a diet as stable and complete as would be desirable. Puleva's milk drink, 100 ml, has been created to help in the daily intake of vitamins and minerals recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Designed precisely so that future mothers achieve the necessary levels in a comfortable, easy and fast way. In addition, its chocolate flavor and dairy formula (in the form of a shake) make it easy to consume and minimizes bad taste problems that are sometimes raised with other proposals, such as supplements in pills.

In this way, pregnant women can consult the gynecologist for Puleva Mamá and substitute their usual pills for a comfortable 100 ml dose with a creamy texture with a chocolate flavor, which is available in supermarkets.

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