The chirping egg. Stories for children

The chirping egg. Stories for children

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A children's story that talks about the curiosity of a child and the affection with which he is treated by his grandparents. Show how simple and rich the birth of a chick can be to a child. And that in the field many new things happen in the eyes of the little ones.

The hen with golden plumage rose from the hiding place where it was laying its eggs. He had been under a lush fern in the garden for days. As he dug for worms in the dirt, he sang as if he was happy.

- Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca, ca-ca-ca-ca-ca ... Adrien pricked up his ears to hear the monotonous song of the hen. This was new to him.

- Granny, what is that?

- It's the hen singing.

- I want to see.

- I'll show you from afar, because it can sting you.

- Why?

- Because she's thrown.

- Why? Adrien continued asking questions.

The grandmother no longer knew how to satisfy her curiosity. He took it to the patio. As soon as he saw the hen, he wanted to get closer to catch it, but it ruffled its plumage and ran towards him, threatening.

Adrien protected himself, scared and tearful, in his grandmother's arms. It was just a scare. It was the first time I had spent a few days at my grandmother's farm. He had lived his barely four years in the city and the visits to the country had been brief.

The days in the country were fascinating to him. That his grandmother made tostones from a green banana that he took from one of its bushes left him spellbound. His mother also made tostones, but she took them out of a freezer bag.

That her grandmother opened a pod and many grains of pigeon peas fell into her hands seemed like a story to her. His mother was opening a can and there were the loafers. In the field many new things were happening in Adrien's eyes.

The next day, the grandmother went to the fern where the hen was hiding and saw joyfully some shells scattered around the nest and some chicks still wet and blinded.

It seemed like a show for his little grandson. He ran up to the room where the boy was coloring with his grandfather.

- Come, I want to show you something.

- What?

- Let's go so you can see the chicks that the hen had.

- What if it stings?

- I won't let it bite you.

Adrien was amazed, there were already three chicks with the hen that proudly walked them.

- Peep-peep-peep, said the chicks, following the mother. Suddenly, the grandmother heard a deep chirp inside one of the eggs that still remained.

He took it with extreme care. While the child watched spellbound, the grandmother was breaking the shell. First a tiny beak appeared, then the head, then the rest of the small, yellow, wet body.

Minutes later, the chick ran with the mother and chirped happily.

"That chick is mine," he said confidently.

- Yes, my love, that's your chick.

- I want to take it.

- You can't take it until it's big.

- Why? - Because the hen doesn't want to be caught.

- Why? Before she could answer, the hen approached with her beautiful young. Their chants distracted Adrien, and the grandmother thought the questions were over.

- Twit, twit, twit.

- Grandma, who taught you to sing?


This story has been sent by Carmen Camacho Ilarraza (Dorado, Puerto Rico)

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