Felt crafts for kids

Felt crafts for kids

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. offers you some proposals for children's crafts made with felt. It is a fabric made of wool, very easy to work and to join, because it allows the use of glues both for fabrics or for sewing, and it can also be found in different and cheerful colors.

The felt crafts that we propose can be perfectly made by children since they do not need great capacities or skills to make them. Other than that, felt is a very inexpensive and versatile material.

A craft is not just a job well done, it is a moment shared and enjoyed by the whole family. It is an ideal activity to have a good time with children, laugh at mistakes, get excited about the results and have fun with the effort together. Let's do it!

Felt fish. Fish made with colored felt. Felt children's crafts to do with children. Fun proposals for fabric crafts to do with your children.

Felt ornaments. We teach you how to make some beautiful Christmas crafts with felt for children. Learn how to make cards, postcards or Christmas to send to friends and family. Using the felt, what crafts can we do to create ornaments and decorate the house with the children at Christmas.

Felt brooches. Felt brooches to make with children. Homemade felt children's crafts to make a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or for the birthdays of family and friends.

Felt photo holder. Hearts frame to give on Mother's Day or Father's Day. Children's crafts to do with children. An ideal gift for the birthday of parents or friends.

Box decorated with felt. Craft for children to make a decorated box. Organizing children's toys can be quite an odyssey, but it can be more fun with this children's box craft decorated with cardboard and felt.

Headbands with felt. With a little bit of felt and imagination you can make a unique costume for your child. Check our proposals for crafts with felt headbands for children.

Case for glasses or handkerchiefs. Homemade glasses holder for children. our site proposes a felt craft to do with the children, at home. Homemade craft for father's day or mother's day. A beautiful and very creative cover for glasses or for tissues. With this craft parents and children can have a great time.

Doll-shaped brooches. On our site we propose you to make brooches in the shape of dolls made with felt to give to mom for Mother's Day or to a friend, an aunt, a grandmother ...

Felt Christmas decorations. What ornaments are you going to hang on your Christmas tree this year? On our site we suggest you make them at home in an easy and fun way. We teach you to make ornaments in the shape of Rudolph, Santa Claus's reindeer, and a snowman.

Car-shaped keychain. Learn how to make a felt car keychain with your children. How to make an original keychain for Father's Day. If you are looking for an original gift that your children can make to give for Father's Day or Mother's Day, on our site we suggest you make this beautiful felt keychain in the shape of a car.

Witch doll for Halloween. Learn how to make a felt witch doll with the children. our site teaches us to make, step by step, a very nice little witch, out of felt, for children.

Santa Claus's hat. Santa Claus hat with felt. This year, instead of buying the Santa Claus hat, on our site we suggest that you create it at home in a homemade way. We show you how to make this classic red Santa hat very easily using felt.

Roulette of climatic changes. How to make a homemade weather roulette for children. On our site we show you how you can create materials to teach your children about weather changes.

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