How to teach children what the cycle of a plant is

How to teach children what the cycle of a plant is

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When children are in direct contact with the nature, doubts begin to assail his head, wondering where each of the elements that he can smell, touch and enjoy comes from.

If we want our children to understand, for example, what is the cycle of a plant and why, it is necessary that we understand some tips that can help you to get out of doubts and incidentally to have fun with everything that concerns the environment.

To begin with, one of the most important things when teaching a child about cycle of a plant, is that we are clear that we must forget technicalities and try to do everything in the most fun way possible.

Therefore, the first thing we can do is take our children on an unparalleled excursion through the different plant stagesSince it is a seed, we can teach them in our own hand, teaching them how they will be able to become wonderful plants or flowers.

If you see this process in nature itself, you can understand how the plant develops from a seeduntil it grows safe and sound.

But the way in which children will fully understand how the life cycle of a plant is if they can see it with their own eyes, so it is best that they experiment themselves.

To do this, we can play with some sprouts in a glass of yogurt, in which they can plant their seeds (a lentil, a chickpea, a bean ...) and water their little plant day after day, in order to understand why they need to 'eat and drink' to be healthy and strong.

The child will feel responsible for taking care of his plant and will see with enthusiasm how it grows, how its first leaves are coming out and how the fruits of the plant finally appear.

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