Asterix. The residence of the gods. Children's cartoon movie

Asterix. The residence of the gods. Children's cartoon movie

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The rebellion, perseverance and audacity of Asterix and Obelix they hit the big screen again. This time, they will have to resist a great temptation: Caesar builds a luxurious mansion for the gods next to his village, to attract them and destroy them. Can money and the temptation of luxury with the stubborn Gauls?

A story full of humor and also positive messages for children, where the value of honesty, fidelity or friendship, will be above all.

Technical sheet of 'Asterix. The residence of the gods':

Qualification: Asterix. The residence of the gods (Asterix - Le Domaine des Dieux)

Country: Fracia, Belgium

Director: Louis Clichy

Producer: SND / M6

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