How to put a baby to sleep in 30 seconds

How to put a baby to sleep in 30 seconds

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How do I get the baby to sleep? It is the question that many parents ask ourselves when our child does not get to sleep. Sometimes it is difficult for the baby to fall asleep and this becomes exhausting, especially when it is night and we no longer have energy but, What if we tell you that it can be done in 30 seconds?

This Youtube video shows how the swaddling technique combined with the gentle caress of a napkin on the baby's face manages to put you to sleep in just half a minute.

Now that you've seen how this baby relaxes and sleeps almost magicallyDo you think you could repeat it at home with your child? It does not seem easy, and even at first it seems that he is going to cry, although finally the baby falls asleep calm and happy.

If you look at the baby in the video, it is not covered, it is wrapped and according to the experts, the technique of wrapping the baby helps them relax and sleep.

Swaddling in Spanish means to wrap and it is a technique that was already used in the 18th century to keep the baby warm and help him sleep. In recent years many mothers have recovered this tradition as they have found the baby is more relaxed and falls asleep more easily. Babies feel more collected and it gives them security.

It is only advisable to perform this technique in the first and second months of the baby's life since they still cannot turn and move autonomously, it is also convenient to take into account:

- Do not overtighten the blanket or the sheet so as not to harm the baby.

- Being calmer they could sleep longer and not wake up for their feedings and at this stage it is important that many hours do not pass between feedings.

- You have to wrap them when they have eaten and are clean.

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Video: Sleep in 5 minutes! - Baby Music (June 2022).


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